Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve 2007

Tonight, I am more excited than I've ever been on Christmas Eve growing up as a kid. Why? Michael, Crash, Chugg, and I are going to attempt our very first century ride tomorrow on New Year's Day! The weather forecast is very promising. So right after work today I headed straight to Gregg's Cycles: 1 extra H20 bottle & cage = $11. 1 warm headliner = $15. 1 set biking gloves = $30 (Goodbye old running gloves). 1 set toe covers = $20 (lost left cover last Sat). 1 pair bad-ass padded underwear = $25 (size XXXL). Price of properly gearing out for 100 miles? Priceless...

While at the bike shop, I came up with an amazing training tip for Chris from Ventoux. Normally I would never, ever volunteer such valuable information to the competition, but seeing that I didn't get him anything for Christmas, and that he probably didn't take advantage of the training lead I gave him yesterday, I will reveal my training secret. Chris, you need to march down to your local bike shop, and purchase a kiddie trailer. Next, you need to take your 115 lb dog, Sammy, and place him in the trailer. Finally, you need to ride around Eugene pulling Sammy. You do that, and you will be competitive on the flat stages of the Tour de Mukilteo. In fact, you could cross train with Jay, and take turns riding in the trailer. Hey, the secrets out, now it's up to you to take advantage...

How does one prepare for a century ride? I dunno, but you'd better believe I am already documenting my preparations now. Appetizers: 2 Grolsch 16 oz beers (the ones with the cool caps). Ore Ida Crispy Crowns and onion rings, and a bacon burger. Let's see how far that takes me. Actually, I'm more anxious for my post-ride meal. Chili Dogs!!! I believe behind every great marathon training run or long bike ride, a post-meal is at the core of the motivation. It's a long-standing Davis Family tradition to have chili on New Years Day, and Crash and I are NOT about to break tradition. In fact, Crash gets to spend the night inside the house tonight. Finally, I will be conducting a taste test tomorrow of my gels. I have GU, PowerBar Gel, Hammer Gel, and old reliable Promax bars. Don't worry, I'll report back after tomorrow's ride. Wish us luck!


  1. I'm so jealous!!! Century ride sounds much better than 5k run followed by submersion into Lake Washington on Jan 1. But my ass is grass.
    2 points, don't forget the chamois butt'r and the 20 for Crash's back pocket....
    and you should get a trailer and haul Nisha and the other 2

  2. My prep for the morrow was a bit cheaper. A jug of gatorade, a big pack of Snickers, and some bananas. I think I'm set.

    I do have to true my rear wheel tonight though.


    It's rubbing on my brake pad quite a bit. Historically speaking, I am terrible at this task. I'll struggle with that until I can minimize it as much as I'm able. Or until get fed up, say "f* it," and ride with a rhythmic rear wheel. I really should attend a workshop one of these days.

    Crash, see you bright and early!