Monday, March 31, 2008


Scene: Friday night.

Mood: Thirsty. I really want a creme soda. Creme Soda = Vanilla Vodka and Sprite.

Problem: Only Lemon Vodka in the house, I usually go out for the creme soda.

Solution: Lemon Vodka, Sprite, 1/8 teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Result: Yumminess and drunkeness.

Unforeseen result: Saturday's soccer game was not the best showing by yours truly. Only at fault for one of the four goals scored against us though so maybe I wasn't the only one drinking the night before. Sort of made up for it by earning a penalty kick later, however, our stiker missed it. Punk.

Spent Sunday afternoon watching soccer at the bar accompanied by some lovely pints of Boddingtons. That stuff is the perfect Sunday beer.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Runner's Log 3/30/08

I wonder what it's like not running in the rain. So far I've never been running by myself, (ie. running at lunch with Crash) when it's not pouring, or freezing, or both. During my Chicago trip I got out twice, both times it was near freezing and rainy. The few weekends that I've done LSD runs here in Everett, it's been rainy. Today: of the same.

I was planning on mirroring, W. Jones's run and do about 10 miles today. But I didn't have a route planned. I jumped on and started mapping. What I wound up with a few minutes later was a 13 mile route. A bit longer than I expected, but I just shrugged my shoulders, cranked the volume on the iPod and took off. My legs felt great, my foot didn't hurt, and I had some great tunes queued up. There was a slight drizzle, but that wasn't a real concern. Clad head to toe in synthetics I was confident about my wick-ability.

As I ran up Colby I still felt great, views of the sound were beautiful, and the new Louis XIV album rocks.

I rounded the norther tip of Marine View Drive and ran down towards the Port Gardner Marina. Short pit stop there, had to go potty.

Album ended, switched to David Byrne's Uh-Oh. A standby for me for years. Found out that none of the public drinking fountains at the marina work (grrr). Hit Everett Ave and was feeling great about hitting my approximate halfway point. Then debilitating pain in my right foot. I tried to keep running for a few meters, couldn't do it. Started walking to, well, because I had to. My foot's been bothering me off and on for several weeks now. I had it x-rayed and stuff, they said there was nothing visiblely wrong, but I think I'm gonna have to ask for a referal. Cuz something is really hurting in there.

After about 5 mins walking it was feeling a bit better so I started running again. I had myself convinced I could finish out my run. Then it starts hailing. A lot. Hail hurts. It hurts your ears, it hurts your hands, it's awful. It makes you want to quit, so I did. I ran home, drenched, freezing and ready to jump in warm shower. Oh well. Maybe next time I'll get to the Lightspeed Champion album too.

I jumped out of the shower feeling revitalized, so I started right in on cooking dinner. I usually try to cook something nice on Sunday evenings, as there is more time to work with than on weeknights. I had a big 4.5 lb chicken thawed in the fridge, but not much more in mind than that. Poking around I found a head of cauliflower that I think is the oldest produce in the fridge, so that was immediately on the chopping block. I also decided to make a skilletfull of cornbread. Mmm, it's been a long time since I've had that! I cut the skin off the breasts, and lightly seasoned the whole bird. Removed the giblets (not using them tonight), and juiced a meyer lemon and some onion, some carrot. Chopped up the lemon rinds with the onion carrots and stuffed the cavity. Trussed up the bird and nestled it in my terracotta cazuela (my favorite dish) with some a sliced fennel bulb left over from easter. Tossed it in the oven and started making corn bread batter.

Oh wait. I don't have any buttermilk! Quick trip to QFC, and 10 mins later I'm back in action!

Finish making my batter, saute some red pepper and onion in the skillet and pour in the goods. That goes in the oven right under the chicken, which is starting to brown so I throw some foil on it. The meyer lemon juice gets combined with some brown sugar and a little soy sauce in a small saucier, will be a glaze for the chicken in a few minutes. Time to turn my attention to the cauliflower, gets diced and tossed with a little olive oil, lemon juice (regular kind), salt and pepper in a casserole dish. 30 mins after the cornbread went in it comes back out of the oven and the cauliflower takes it's place. Foil also comes off the chicken and first coat of glaze gets brushed on.

While the skillet cools I get the first load of dishes in the washer, plus some left over from yesterday. I'm obviously going to have another full load soon enough!

Soon enough it's time for the chicken to come out, nicely glazed. Cauliflower, nicely browned, also comes out. While everything rests I pour myself my bottle of Turbo Ale (Nr.1 in Latvia), a recent bday gift (thanks Danny!), and snap off a few photos of the goods.

After that we ate it.

Also, in admin news, you'll notice that we're now Still powered by blogger but located at our own url. You'll want to adjust your favorites and/or feeds.

"Runners Log 3/30/2008"

Evening before run Pub visited: The Irishmen, downtown Everett

Beverages consumed: 1 Ten Fidy Imperial Stout (accidentally drank the husband’s special beer he had stashed in the back of the fridge-I just liked the can), 2 Manny’s Pale Ales

Gear: same old schtuff

Miles Ran: 10 (3 more to go!)

Route: Decided to get buck wild and crazy and run the Burke Gilman Trail. Parked at Bothell Landing Park and ran 5 miles to Kenmore and back.

Temperature: my car told me it was 39 degrees. That was down right balmy compared to the 33 degrees it was earlier on in the morning.

Weather: rain, snow, rain/snow, sunshine (mother nature needs some Prozac!)

Best Song of the Run: a very fitting, “I Will Survive”, Gloria Gainer

Sites Seen: only a few runners, tons ‘o cyclists (noticed that cyclists are built long and lean-why is that?)

Issues: I definitely need to work on the “swig” portion of my x-training. Although I wasn’t hung over today, I definitely felt just a bit “crunchy” all day.

Best Part of the Run: Convincing myself that running 10 miles in the snow/rain would “grow some hair on my chest” (as Crash likes to say).

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Administrative Notes

Hope everyone's weekend training & swiging are going well so far. I need to thank both The Guth & Rizzer. T - Guth for canceling our 80 miler this morning. I'm not big on frost bite. T- Rizzer for keeping my run training honest. Woke up and ran a 12 miler like it was nothing.  Looking forward to my 18 miler tomorrow morning.  (Chris - in the sport of running, you can't beat what you can't catch).

So I've sent the AB Awareness tracking sheet off to The Guth for a Quality Check review. Again, you may be asking yourself
why are we doing this? Because we'd like to achieve a better, stronger core. Right Brad? (Take it easy Chris & Jay. Yes, he has a cig in his mouth).  

I also want to let you all know, that we are NOT the only important "awareness" cause during the month of April.  

So, AB month kicks off April 1st, (no fool's joke), and check the spreadsheet for the exercises that will count.  I put "other" if you happen to know of a unique exercise.  (like opening a beer bottle inside your navel).  My fav is the four count flutter kick.  Ouch.  Last note on this subject, I'd love to see View from the Sidelines, Spiz, and Rizzer join in too.  C'mon, it'll be tons-o-fun!

In conclusion, for the solo events, I'd like to propose that each competitor's proposed event be within their own skill level.  For instance, if Wolfgang wants to run a 10K race, your vote should consider her current running level.  She should not have to run a full marathon to get a point.  Another example would be if Crash wanted to eat 10 Arby's sandwiches.  That would be a joke.  Anything under 50 would be well under his ability.  I think you get my drift.

Well, one training day down, and I'm only on beer 2 of 12.  Must work on my Swig before tomorrow's run.  Oh, and next posted spreadsheet / document will be a Playlist - Recommended Music list.  Chris, we don't need any Donnie Osmond please...

Friday, March 28, 2008

extra credit

G. Rizzer, I see that you have already maxed out your 'solo event' magnum points for the year already. I allow one more, but only if the event truly warrants it.

I nominate you for one (1) extra point upon completion of this little task.

Since you have 50 days or so to complete it I think it's only about 60 mi per day. Piddly, really.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

attn: tour contenders

a little bird Crash told me that this year's Tour de Mukilteo will likely have a Team Competition as well as the annual G.C. and K.O.M. competitions. Team Washington vs. Team Oregon.

Fair Warning: Welcome to our House.

Late to the party

Is it too late to sign up for the ab challenge? I got nailed in the gut with the soccer ball last week and when I heard from The Guth about the ab challenge at the weekend I decided next time I am going to make the ball pop from hitting the jagged edge of my abs! Yeah.

I am in a good mood since the softball game I was going to sub for last night was called because of rain. I wasn't looking forward to playing in 35 degree weather with a drizzle. The soccer game Thursday night is going to be nice and cold but can't be worse than the monsoon we played in last Thursday. Knock on wood.

Peace out y0.

Heh, Heh, Heh, She said fart...

Because I couldn't put a photo in the comments to the post below

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tee Hee Hee

Guth, I hate to post this right after your stunning photograph and educational post...but am I the only one that giggles every time they say the word, "Fartlek"? Silly Swedes!!

Monday, March 24, 2008

grilled pork with asparagus, peppers and waxy spuds

I've always wanted a food blog:.

-I love to cook, it helps me unwind at the end of the day. And I like to cook BIG. It's easier somehow to cook in quantity. And now that I've got a hoard of eaters at home, family style isn't totally unjustified either.
-And I like to eat my food.
-And I like food pictures.
-And I like food writing.
-I like other food blogs even.

Last night I had to run to REI quickly after work. They're the nearest place I know that sells various plastic webbing strap buckles. I have a Mountain Smith bike bag (fits atop a standard rack) but one of the cams that holds it down broke along with one of the prongs on the hide-a-way waist strap. Picked up those and new inner tube. $11 purchase worth an hour in the car? prolly not. But it's beautiful out, windows down on the freeway, Ray LaMontagne to keep me company, it could be worse.

When I get home I have no idea what's for dinner. See: most nights. Jess and I shop for two weeks at a time and make a loose menu of about 12 meals before we shop though, so we nearly always have something with which to to fashion a full meal. Found the thick-cut pork chops in the fridge that we bought a few days ago (and meant to have frozen by now, whoops). It was excellent news tonight though, I could grill without having to thaw anything from the deep freeze. I fashioned a quick marinade out of soy sauce, oyster sauce, a dash of veg oil, pressed garlic, salt and pepper (I think that's it, I didn't think I would be documenting this). Shoved three big chops into a bag with the oil, pressed the air out and tossed them on the counter.

Went outside and got the coals started with my chimney starter. Have y'all used one of these? They're awesome! I never want to hear anyone complain that briquettes are too time consuming to deal with ever again. There's just no excuse anymore.

Once they were lit and heating up I shot back inside, poured some wine, and cut some red waxy potatoes I found in the pantry into big chunks (eighths, I think). I tossed them with a little olive oil, more pressed garlic, rosemary, salt & pepper. I folded them into a quick foil pouch and, after spreading out the coals I put them right on top. Put the grills on top and closed up lid to let the cast iron absorb as much heat as possible.

Found some asparagus in the fridge, which Jess loves grilled. Broke off the woody ends, julienned a coupla peppers and tossed the lot with a little olive oil, dried thyme, salt & pepper.

By this time the taters are ready for a flip, which I do. Pull out the chops at this point and toss them on the grills (on a bias, of course). Easy sailing at this point. Let the chops do their thing for about 8 to 10 minutes a side (they were prolly close to two inches thick!). While that's going on I do a little cleanup on the counter, toss some of the prepware into the sink, etc. Time to flip the chops and toss on all the veggies. For those I move the coals up close to the grills for searing temperatures, move the chops off to the side, and spread them out over the whole of the hot area. Once they get a little charry, flip them with the tongs. Wash, repeat, time to platter the lot.

Pour more wine, snap a few photos, and call in the crew from the front yard to COME AND GET IT!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Runners Log 03/23/2008

Pre Run Website Visited: I recently saw the movie "Into the Wild". Man, that movie is making me miss Alaska! I lived on Kodiak Island for a few years and was on the cross-country team. All of our races and training runs were done on trails through the woods, up mountains, and through marshes. During my first race, I remember running along and having to jump over a fallen tree that covered the path. That was all it took and I was hooked! I have rarely felt that electric and alive as I did jumping over that tree that day (yep, I do realize how weird that sounds!). I miss trail running and was excited when I stumbled upon this site. Sign me up!
Route: Decided to spice it up today by running my route backwards...35th Street out and back combined with a Golf Course out and back. Aye Caliente!
Miles Ran: 9 (still 4 more to go!)
Issues: (you know it’s not good when the issues catagory is at the top of this list!) You know that stunning day this weekend that held the promise of spring? I believe it was called "Saturday"? Yeah, that’s not the day I chose to run on. I have been fighting off a head cold and ended up resting up all day. That left Sunday to get ’er done. The tidal pools forming on my front lawn let me know that I was in for a wicked, wet run. I also hosted Easter brunch this morning at my house. 5 cups of coffe, 1 waffle, 1 strip of bacon, and some scrambled eggs added to the perfect storm brewing in my tummy. I prayed I could get this run done before a catagory 5 hurricane ripped the roof off of my digestive system.
Gear: violet colored long sleeve shirt, baggy black Nike pants, black zip up with hood, CSC baseball cap, I-pod shuffle, black gloves (I was about to head out of the door when my husband got overly concerned about the baggy black Nike pants and their ability to wick away water. He got into his closet and pulled out some water resistent, tiny, black tightey looking things. I decided to humor him and try them on. They were so tight that I started to feel like a big sausage in casing! Ugh! I told him there is no way I was going to wear those things. He started pawing at me and said, "Mmmm, you look like a ninja" (a ninja?? What ever floats your boat mister!). I made a mad dash for the door even though I was still wearing the sausage pants).
Best Song of the Run: The I-pod Shuffle set on random presented me with several really good DeVotchKa songs
Sites seen: It was LONELY out there today. There were only 2 other runners that I crossed paths with (both women-both with baseball caps on), my lonely feeling kept manifesting in the items I saw: only one mate to a pair of dark, forest green leather gloves (the glove was just sitting out in the rain on a planter box), one discarded bubble tea travel cup (I recognized the thick, fatty straw used to suck up the Tapioca balls), one miserable, wet Doritos bag laying hidden as if in an unmarked grave.
Sites not seen: that smiley old lady, baby Jesus
Pains: My right Achilles Tendon was acting up. I never feel pain in that area!! I think the sausage pants were constricting around my thighs, throwing off my stride.
Best Part of the Run: the black and tan waiting for me at the door (just my happy, little dog....not a Guinness!)

Where U@J?


Hope your weekend training run for the Eugene 1/2 went well. I'm a bit worried reading about your swimming training. Figure you'll be the first one out of the drink at the Central District Triathlon, but hoping my running skills will compensate for my doggie paddle technique. Did I mention I train in Weiss' shower / bathtub combo? With rubber duckie?

Administrative Note: Prize sponsors, please have your prizes ready at the Eugene Half Marathon, which is May 4th. We will also be posting a link that shows the current Magnum Series (MS) point standings.

I officially propose that Susie get credit for each marathon she has completed since the DC Challenge (I think 2)?, and that the Guth get a MS pt for his upcoming RSVP ride in April. Please comment your vote. (and suggestions for a SWIG event).


Eugene Open update

Rizzer, I think I have found another tennis player of our caliber (i.e. bush league beer drinker) if you are still interested in competing in the Northwest's premier tennis tournament.
I've gotten Jen to go swimming and now she is wondering what the distances are on your planned triathlon. Her 30+ lb 80's era Bridgestone touring bike would make an awesome triathlon bike. If there was a pile up ahead of her she wouldn't even have to slow down, she could plow through it on her way to victory leaving splinters of carbon fiber and wrecked body's clad in shredded lycra in her wake. I am a bit worried about the rollover risk of putting it on the car rack though.
Now I have to decide wether to use the cold grey weather as an excuse to drink beer and watch basketball instead of go for a bike ride. Cheers.

Runner's Log - 03/23/08

Mood: Okay. -I'm tired after a little more than 7 miles, but not and winded as I expected to be. My foot hurts, but not as bad as I expected. I fashioned a custom orthotic out of gauze before I left, it helped.
Seen: One smoking cyclist (a dedicated soul to the Unofficial Sport of Everertt, in the rain no less), two electrical substations, three trains
Soundtrack: M.I.A. (thanks Chris, for introducing me to that one) and then I thought it only fitting that I resurrect Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool Album. God bless Nick Lowe.
I even arrived home before the kids awoke and discoved their bunny-delivered bounty. Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

50 Flats to 'za

Just got back from a 43 miler with the reigning Tour de Mukilteo Champion.  So here's my 2 cents...

T - Guth.  I have never yet experienced a poor ride with you & Chugg.  NEVER!  I have always been challenged.  Be it speed, distance, energy (root of most of my hardships), scenery, shooting the shit, or bursts of accelerations, I have always enjoyed our rides.  

Another outstanding ride from Mukilteo to Snohomish (so scenic) to Everett and then back to Mukilteo.  My fuel tank read empty in Everett.  Somehow, I managed to get from Everett back to Mukilteo, solely on fumes.  (and stubbornness).  Actually, I did get a 2nd wind mentally when I got up through the hills of Forest Park, because that is Susie & my hilly / scenic marathon training run.  If I can run it, then I can bike it.  Why did I bonk? I believe the answer lies in Ebey Island's Bermuda Triangle...

Just short of the Ebey Island, I got a FLAT.  ...[time out]... So Michael & I have a proposal.  Whenever someone goes out for a ride and experiences a FLAT, BIKE RUN SWIG will tally the FLAT s.  Then, when we get to 50, we will hold a pizza party!  That's Michael's idea.  My twist is a bit more hardcore.  If you get the puncture, then you have to donate $1 to the pizza fund.  I tagged 3 punctures already, so who do they belong to?  Well according to our sister site, "A Steep Ride to Suffering", Michael owns two, and I have one.  Also, this post most definitely belongs on the sister site (sorry Guth), especially due to my "suffering" on today's ride, especially on the Goat Loop Trail, (now known as GLT), but I wanted to ensure everyone got this message.  Not sure what a wreckage / spill is worth?  Guess we'll have to designate that at a later time.  I recommend making that a beverage...

So next weekend is our attempt at an 80 miler.  A bit ambitious, but not really.  It'll be at LSD pace, and I will definitely eat enough calories before & during the ride.

Finally, a bit off the subject.  Magnum Series points.  Michael will be attempting a non-official RSVP (Ride from Seattle to Vancouver & Party).  I think he should receive a Magnum point for such an ambitious ride.  Also, I think Susie should receive a  Magnum point for each Marathon she has run after the Davis Challenge.  This ought to light a fire for the rest of us.  

Finally, March only has 9 more days left.  Soon, we'll all be challenged.  Square away folks.  Square away...

Semi-Drunk Crash

Back-of-Packers, Lunch with Maniacs

Nothing like a relaxing 20 miler to fill the void between marathons. Ran the Ft. Steilacoom 20 miler in Tacoma with Lily and Doug this morning. We placed in last place, 2nd to last place, and 3rd to last place respectively but had the grand time doing it!

Like the Olympia marathon, unbelievable scenery, great weather, a bunch of friendly local folks volunteering to hand out gatorade and offer encouraging words. Because a lot of the run was around the perimeter of Fort Lewis, we even had a personalized motorized escort (otherwise known as the sweep patrol, to catch the straggling back-of-packers). Afterwards we had lunch with some Maniacs. Met Maniac #1 (the Prez, who has done >200 marathons), Maniac #3 (who along with Prez is a Quadzilla, i.e. ran a practice marathon to warm up the day before the Tahoe Triple, and has done 100 mile ultras and Ironman Triathlons), and Bobbie (who insists her newly purchased boobs do not hamper her marathon performance, and might actually enhance triathlon performance by acting as emergency buoys).

Tangent- in case I have not already talked your ear off about the Marathon Maniacs, here is a brief overview:

Abbreviated "are you a Maniac" questionnaire (see

Do your thoughts switch to the next scheduled race immediately after finishing a marathon?- YES
Are you signed up for more than one race right now?- YES
Do you know specifics about many of the marathons? Dates, courses, years run, etc.?- YES
Is book marked on your computer? Do you look at the race schedule more than once a week?- YES
Do you start to feel down when you haven't run a marathon in a while?- YES
Are your closets and dressers filled with marathon t-shirts?- YES, and they are overtaking my polar bear attire.
When asked about your racing from non running people, do you find yourself talking with great passion to the point that the person that asked the question regrets ever asking?- YES
Have you run a marathon as a training run? Or just to pace a friend?- Brian can answer YES to this one
When asked by loved ones what your plans are for the weekend, you feel guilty telling them your running another marathon so you tell them "it's only a half this weekend"? - YES
Do you plan all your vacations around a marathon race?- YES, as well as business trips

Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, you just may be a Marathon Maniac!!!
The great thing about this club (now >870 members) is, there are no time criteria, it's all about covering the distance (minimum 3 marathons in 3 months).

Personally, I enjoy being a Back-of-Packer. They write stuff on the backs of their T-shirts that make you LOL. Don't get me wrong, I like a PR as much as anyone, but I find the folks who are there just to qualify for Boston a little too serious. They would never pick up a beer at mile 22, which I can tell you can be quite refreshing.

Anyhoo, being amongst crazier runners makes you feel positively normal.

Friday, March 21, 2008

"It's all in the hips", or, if I could only ski....

Who'd have thought, Brian didn't even have to twist my arm this time, actually looking forward to blogging about today's "bike handling lesson" with Erik Moen, bike PT extraordinaire.

Actually, I spent most of my "how to ride a fancy ass carbon bike without falling off 101 for older professional posers" lesson with Erik's protege, another skinny ironman triathlete named Ryan. I want to be a biker only to learn what makes cyclists just beam when you say, "let's go for a ride". Practiced clipping out with my non-sugar foot. Learned how to make a sharp stop without pitching forward. Why one should stay on the saddle when riding over a curb. How to stabilize the bike with 1 hand so you can drink/ eat without falling. How to ride in a pack, like avoiding crossing wheels (and what that means), how to ride right next to someone and butt shoulders without freaking out. Practiced riding really slow to mimic my worst fear, losing balance while climbing a steep hill (track stands too advanced for today's lesson).

Then Erik came out and taught me how to make sharp turns. You keep your inside leg up (so as not to graze the ground) and you press down on the inside handlebar (without leaning inward or locking your arm) and the front wheel just carves the curve without effort. It made sense intellectually, but I kept sticking out my inside knee and carving wide half-circle turns. He tried, "like riding a motorcycle" (blank facial expression). Or, an expression anyone should understand, "like skiing" (even blanker facial expression). "you just carve a line but keep your center of gravity".

Same problem with swimming. After 3 lessons in which my coach tried every analogy she knew but could not get through my head how to get me not to thrash like a drowning person, she finally ended with, "it's like skiing". I had to picture what the hips do when skiiers carve moguls. If you keep your center of gravity and just shift hips from side to side, then the arms just follow, rather than trying to "crawl" with the arms which gives my swim the characteristic "drowning man" appearance.

Stuff like this comes naturally to athletes. They don't have to be told, "shift your weight from your hips", for example. That is why I'm not an athlete, not a musician, it all has to be explained to me in Levitinese. Every step spelled out literally, no abstractions or analogies. That is why running is the only sport I know, it doesn't require coordination, or even speed, just an adrenaline deficiency that drives compulsive running.

I used to wonder about people who totally sucked at music who spent all this effort trying to learn an instrument and it was just painful to be around. I will probably never play flute again for that reason. Is this how "natural" athletes look at people like me? Probably, but oh well. Marathoning has taught me how to forgive myself for sucking. It doesn't matter what else you've done today, if your own 2 feet have carried you across 5 suburbs, you have done enough. Each new race is a rebirth, like resetting the Ms. Pacman machine. Not a high score? That's ok, you can play another game, maybe the ghosts won't get you this time. Not to mention the "seeing baby Jesus" high that erases the pain of (nearly) any chafage and is more addictive than nicotine?

Will I learn not to fear biking the hills of Mukilteo? I forget, it was only 3 years ago the thought of running 6 miles nonstop was anxiety provoking. Maybe even someone with no balance who can't ski can learn to bike or swim.

Enough philosophy. Time to get off my duff (to open another Newcastle Brown, mmmm).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"To Goo or Not To Goo?"

I am busy at work, surfing the net, looking at sites I probably should not be looking at. I decided to take one of those silly quizzes. I found out that my "porn" name would be Wolfgang Jones. I kinda like that name. It has that certain "je ne sais quoi", I look for. Just a heads up that I will be changing my blog name from Klokstar to Wolfgang Jones. Anywho, I am finally breaking down and running my first half marathon on Sunday, May 11th (this is also Mother's is cracking me up that the race's website suggest that you "surprise" your mom this year and register her for a half marathon for Mother's Day. Oh yeah, I am sure that my mom will appreciate it (sarcasm) when I tell her, "Forget the flowers this year lady!! Get ready to saddle up 'ol girl and run like the wind!"). The real point of my post is this....I know most of you are past the half marathon level, do you think I need to use Goo during my half marathon?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

April - Abdominal Awareness Month is on!!!

T - Jay.  Along with Chris' vote, AB month is on.   We've got another sanctioned event.  Hell Yeah, Tony Little Rocks...

I've got a Series name.  I'd like to name it the Magnum Series.  After the bestest t.v. series of all time.  One that represents the value of friends in a sexy Hawaiian manner.  Magnum P.I. of course.  I (really) like it...

Triathlon Day

Went for a swim (W/ Jay, and lots of really old people) before work, a run (W/ Jay, no old people) at lunch, and a bike ride home (no jay). Now I have a Triathlon question. Gerald, could you ask your Iron Man friends? Why is it any A-Hole well educated professional with more money than sense can drop several thousand dollars on a pair of aero-wheels (the kind that self destruct at the thought of a crack in the pavement) that, all other things being equal, will improve their time significantly over the more proletarian entrants, but a 10$ pair of swim fins are strictly verboten. If I could fabricate a pair of outrageously expensive fins out of high grade hashish and crystal matrix carbonium (or whatever Specialized is putting in their high end bikes these days) would those fins be allowed?

Runners Log-03/16/2008

Current Mood: Strong

Pre-run Website Visited: (found out that my golf course run is actually 7 miles, decide to make today’s run a 9 miler)
Miles Ran: 9 (4 more to go!)
Route: Golf Course out and back with an additional 35th Street out and back
Gear: baggy black Nike pants, bright mustard colored t-shirt (the kind the Naked Mole Rat makes fun of), Black polar fleece zip up, well charged I-Pod shuffle, black gloves, blue CSC cap
Best Song of the Run: Led Zeppelin’s "Immigrant Song". This song gives me some SERIOUS girl power!
Sites Seen: one dead baby mouse on the sidewalk (am secretly sad about how small and pink it’s little hand-paws are (were)), 5 cars flying by before the 6th car stops for me in the pedestrian crossing (think I better lose the baggy pants and wear the sassy outfit referenced in blog dated 03/02/08 so the first car stops!!), try to catch a glimpse of my husband knocking his balls around with his "mistress" (his mistress is the golf couse-I swear that boy will golf in any weather!) Start to wonder what his" mistress" has that I don’t have. I too am challenging, have a view that contains hills and bush, and have more than one hole (just a really bad joke people!! warning:running warps your mind-I don’t recommend it), one sketchy "hoodied" punk (crank the Zeppelin and don’t let him sense that I am secretly about to die from the mile 3-4 hills-I act tough and get ready kick his Adidas loving ass if need be), on mile 8.5 I was about to die. I start hallucinating and think I am running towards the light and baby Jesus when I spot my husband on Hole 8. Wave "Hi" and mumble a bit (start thinking my husband must have a freaky side to him since he let’s his buddies stand around and take turns with his "mistress" too!), as I was walking up to my house, I see my beyond odd neighbor across the street arguing with his x-wife-make mental note that she is not burried under his house yet.
LBS lost: 2 (that’s a whole lot of sweat for one girl)
Loogis: 0 (found out that Orbit White Wintermint sucks up a lot of spit. I already think the Orbit commercials are pretty clever, but they could be making a lot more money if people knew how much spit their gum soaks up!)
Best part of the Run: the hot bath afterwards.

Runners Log-03/09/2008

Current Mood: Cranky

Miles Ran: 6 (7 more to go)
Route: Golf Course out and back
Equipment: baggy black Nike outfit, I-pod shuffle that crapped out on miles 3-4, blue CSC baseball cap
Wheels: Asics Get Cumulus
Sites Seen: my pretty neighbor and her Pug (she stopped me to ask if I was going to go to Bunco on Wednesday night). I swear I saw my mom drive by in the 'mato (her red VW bug...wonder why she didn't recognize her own daughter?), that SAME "special" smiley old lady, a sign on a post advertising a "Cougar Camp" (start thinking how cool it would be if this was actually a camp for older women who hit on young guys. Wonder if C.I.T's (cougars in training) could attend the camp too?)
Issues: Was on the grumpy side this morning. Dang, that one hour loss of sleep is upseting my delicate system. Might be grumpy because I now "have" to run. Try to stay positive and think about how all this running is going to pay off on race day.

Runners Log-03/02/2008

Current Mood: Strong

Miles Ran: 6 (only 7 more to go!)
Route: Golf Course out and back
Best Song of the Run" "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn", Beastie Boys
Gear: That sassy black Nike outfit my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, I-pod Shuffle, faded red Eaglemont baseball cap
Wheels: Asics Gel Cumulus
Sites Seen: 1 Great Dane, 1 cute man jogging, 1 policeman driving by twice (possible bun checkout on his part?), spring flowers starting to poke through, that same old lady I see every single time I run the Golf Course route (this lady ALWAYS has a smile on her face EVERY single time I see her..start to secretly wonder if she may be just a bit "special"?)
Smells: Cigar wafting from hole 14
Loogis: 5 (that is almost one per mile!). At some point I must have been hallucinating, because I started to wonder if someone could get a DNA sample from my left behind loogis. What if someone cloned me from my DNA sample. What if I ran into myself while running, literally! Would I just say, "Oh, hey girl!" AWKWARD!!
Issues: Miles 3-4 are where all the uphills come into play. Worked on keeping my heart rate down on the uphills.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lessons Learned

On Sunday, I went out with Guth and my new bike, The Furnace, on my first long ride from Everett to Arlington and back. The 60 mile journey started out very cold. Before I could even properly warm up, we decided to stop for a front tire changing lesson. From there, it was smooth sailing until tire change lesson #2 (the rear tire this time). Guth used his bike as the example for both lessons. The rest of the trip to Arlington was very scenic. We even caught a rare glimpse of the lake by the trail.
Our return trip was a bit humbling. Like a samurai teaching his pupils, Guth had to test my reflexes at a randomly determined time toward the end of our ride. For this test, he decided to jerk the front wheel of Chugg and do a 10-foot skid out in front of me. Unfortunately, I failed and crashed into him. Perhaps with time I shall acquire the skill to be a master bikesman.
My final lesson was only learned hours after our trip. I was wiped out on the couch with a fever of 100. The likely culprit: dehydration. So drink up kids! It’s for your health!


Sunday provided a short weather window for another great weekend ride. Spiz showed up at my doorstep and we departed shortly after 8am, Chugg and The Furnace ready for a nice, fairly flat, 60 mi day. We churned through the miles, save for the two flat tire workshops (front and rear, for good measure) and as many potty stops. During the return we ran into a strong headwind, 15 knots or so, and we passed another cyclist struggling against the gusts just south of Lake Stevens. He quickly tucked a wheel in behind me and so we three formed a paceline. We held it strong for about 5 miles, until we reached Machias Station and the old guy dropped off with a "Thanks for the Pull," shoutout. Spiz and I took turns up front, switching every mile or so, and were holding 17.5-18mph the whole time. We all need to work on our pack riding skills, but it's certainly easy to measure the benefits in a short situation like that. Continuing our journey south we moved back to riding abreast, sacrificing aerodynamics and speed for conversation.

And that was my literal downfall.

Nearing our destination, on Homeacres Road just shy of Ebey Island, we were chatting about something. I don't remember exactly what happened, and I think I was talking with one hand off my bars, when they twisted around in front of me with a CLANG. Then I went THUD and SCRAAAPE across the chip sealed asphalt. Then The Furnace CRASHED into Chugg, then my front tire went PPOPP (still not sure what caused that).

Damage list (still not totally assessed):
The Furnace's front tire is out of true and rear brake needs a realignment, also some paint chips.
Chugg's front tire shredded, bartape shredded, scrapes and scratches in shifter levers and rubber hood. Rear blinkly light exploded too.
My jacket has a new ventilation hole (see 3 foot day-glow orange streak on the pavement).
My jersey also breathes better than ever.
My shoulder also breathes better than ever.
So does my elbow.

I need to thank 'Mike the Samaritan' who stopped and drove us other two shaken-up-Mikes the rest of the way home in his truck. We were in no shape to make the rest of the trip home.

Cultural Bracket

As most of the people in my office strive for a willfull ignorance of all things college sports related (because, you know, UO is practically an Ivy League, and the sports are just tarnishing the academic excellence) I have taken to assigning cultural meme's to all the teams in the brackets before distribution to the office. Its something shiny to grab their interest and get their 5$. In some cases there is a connection between team and meme, in most cases its just an unflattering reflection of my addled sub-conscious, and sometimes its just a favor to a friend (Fred Williamson Fans Holla). Anyway, thought I'd share it if you want to spice up your office tournament smack talk ("God might have beat Daisy Duke, but he better watch his ass against Footloose era Kevin Bacon"). Alternately, we can make this an event. Just fill out your bracket. Scan it, and post it on the blog, I'll tally points at the end.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Posting late this evening, it's well past my bedtime.  Thinking about the upcoming hills in the Tour de Mukilteo, and running the Eugene Half (I also got a great nap this afternoon).  So lying in bed, I got to thinking, April is just around the corner.  April is the first full month of Spring and April starts with the letter 'A'.  So does the word 'Abdominal'.  So why not make April 'Abdominal Month' and get another point earning event out of the "Series"?

I propose making April "Abdominal Month" and anyone completing 3,000 sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, or any other basic ab repetition, will earn a "Series" point.  The person who logs the most Ab Work gets two points.  

3,000?  That averages to about 750 per week, 150 per day (only 5 days).  For example, this morning I did 60 incline sit-ups (brutal), 50 leg lifts, and 100 flutter kicks.  I would log 210 and still be able to drink to my heart's content during the weekend.  It's really not too bad, but not too easy either.  You'd have to be committed for the whole month.

So, can I get a witness?  (actually, I need at least two more guinea pigs).  The pros?  Wash board abs.  A Series point.  Knowing at least two others are suffering along with you.  The cons? None.  
Finally, along the lines of "group suffering", I'm submitting some "Series" names.  These are just brainstorm names, we'll just know the right one when we hear it.  1) NFSA Series - (no fun suffering alone).  2) WHPH Series - (work hard, play hard).  3) Ascetic Series (I like, but that may infer not drinking).  4) Hardship Series.

Please Comment your "official vote".  If you Agree, start your comment with "Hell Yeah - Tony Little Rocks!".  If you Disagree, start with "Beer Belly 4 Life"...


Sunday, March 16, 2008


To Susie (aka - GeraldRizzer)

On a 4 hr 56 sec marathon time in Virginia Beach, VA!!!  Out(freakin')standing.  Not only a PR, but 56 sec short of breaking 4 hours!  Chris from Ventoux can testify on how difficult it is on breaking the 4 hour marathon.  56 sec?  That's one less Snickers bar.  That's leaving the foam alone on a Mac & Jack.  Susie, that's like getting back from work and instead of ingesting a hamburger, pizza bites, chips, salsa, cereal, apple, 3 brews, and a quarter bottle of Scotch, just leave out the stoopid apple.  

Anyways, well done.  Since I'm feeling pretty strong this evening (I just fought off a cold, and got 4 days rest), I will buy anyone who has competed in the Davis Challenge, a bottle of wine > $25, if they can better my time at the Eugene Half Marathon.  Yup, that's right.  Good luck, y'all.  Chris & Jay.  You might want to start doping now.  

Oh and Susie, I need my power drill back please.  I just bought the bestest training device EVER!  


Diary Entry 3/16/08

Dear Diary,

Excited! That's how I feel about our new cleverly named Blog.  I'm also excited about the new point system for the unnamed "Series".  It's mid March, and the first event of the year was the Davis Challenge.  That was a Major event, so here are the current standings:

2008 "Unnamed Series" Point Standings:

Michael - 3
Danny - 3
Chris - 2
Jay - 2
Susie - 1
Brian - 1

The top finisher(s) in a Major Event receives 3 pts, the next finisher receives 2 pts, and everyone else receives 1 pt for participation.  For any non-Major event, the top finisher(s) get 2 pts, and everyone else gets 1 pt for showing up.

This NASCAR style point system is important because the "unnamed Series" will have special prizes.  These prizes are kinda like Endowed Professorships.  Each prize will have a donor, and will be named after one of the donor's parents.  For example, Susie will be sponsoring the 2nd Prize and word on the street is that it's a silver flask.  The 2nd prize will be known as "Young's Flask" and will go to the person will the 2nd highest point total.

What makes for a good prize?  A good prize is something highly sought-after, functional, displays well, unique, long lasting, and is the best of its kind.  All prizes will be exchanged after every event.  Therefore, prizes will change hands quite frequently, and if you don't compete much, you will get left behind.

To start off, there will be five prizes, but any new competitor can offer to sponsor a new prize. All sponsors will get a vote whenever a new "proposed event" is submitted.  If an event is approved (majority rules) then it becomes eligible to receive points in the Series.  For example, I want to propose an event called the "Six Minute Mile".  One week in June, competitors must try and break the six minute mile.  All competitors will receive 1 pt, and the person running the fastest mile will get 2 pts.  (That is if the event is approved).  One example of an event already approved is the Eugene Half Marathon, on May 4th. 

It may seem a bit complicated on paper, but believe me this is really simple and should be a lot of fun.  All Majors, already have their own trophies (and t-shirts too), so these prizes are just additional swag.  Also, most likely I'll be holding the top prize and everyone else will be competing for the other prizes, so that should keep things simple as well.  (However Michael does currently hold two Major trophies, but dude can't play tennis or swim, so that shouldn't last very long).

Finally, my favorite shade of pink is the Maglia Rosa from the Giro d'Italia.  My least favorite shade is magenta  pink.  The color of Chris' ass after I whooped him for 2nd Place in last year's Tour de Mukilteo.  (please comment your suggestions for a name for our Series).

Friday, March 14, 2008

Brian's first training diary

All, I found Brian's first training diary. It contains such gems as Brian's favorite Cliff bar flavor, pinks Brian likes, pinks Brian doesn't like, heart rate charts for his big wheel training, and how he felt the time Chris Carmichael stole his EPO money in first grade. Hope it provides some inspiration to everyone train for the Tour.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Swimming with Jay

Swimming laps for the first time in years went much better than I thought it would. Mostly because Jay had the facility and training plan wired. It was a little embarrassing when the life guard caught me peeing in the pool. Maybe I should have gotten in first. Or been wearing a swimsuit. Next time the plan is to steel the water polo team's varsity jackets for kicks. Shelden High Water Polo Rules!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spiritual Well - Being

Yesterday's ride was great, a fast time up Harbour Heights and a sunny ascent on the Goat Trail.
But easily eclipsing the well-being to my body was the spiritual boost I got from the 4-0 trouncing we gave to the 'Blueberries' in yesterday's foosball matches. That felt good.

Monday, March 3, 2008

sign it. do it.

The folks at Bike There have an online petition to Google to add some cool new cycling related features to their online mapping tools. Different than many other cycling related g-maps mashups, they envision actual route finding features catered to the non-road-law-abiding cycling community.

Sign it.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

juss sayin

so. anyways. i'm a bit drunk right now. two scotches (three fingers) and mor than a few glasses a wine.

but you know what?! I met somebody with their own wikipedia entry. right now I'm watching American Dad, but for the last few hours Kinnard & I (& half of the QT, but mostly Kinnard & I) have been down in the Pump Room. And we've been hanging out with this guy. When we told him we were some heavy hitters from Seattle he tells us he pretty much built the Space Needle (you might have heard of it). He comes in every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday (for the last 48 years). He hangs right at the corner of the bar and drinks a Grey Goose and Orange, Up. He introduced us to this other cat that owns Wilson's (the busiest restaurant in the Windy City, third busiest in the World, according to Max).

As full of his own retired self as he is, this guy is awesome. If there's anything I can drink, or smoke, so that I wind up sounding like this guy, just tell me. I'm willing.