Saturday, March 29, 2008

Administrative Notes

Hope everyone's weekend training & swiging are going well so far. I need to thank both The Guth & Rizzer. T - Guth for canceling our 80 miler this morning. I'm not big on frost bite. T- Rizzer for keeping my run training honest. Woke up and ran a 12 miler like it was nothing.  Looking forward to my 18 miler tomorrow morning.  (Chris - in the sport of running, you can't beat what you can't catch).

So I've sent the AB Awareness tracking sheet off to The Guth for a Quality Check review. Again, you may be asking yourself
why are we doing this? Because we'd like to achieve a better, stronger core. Right Brad? (Take it easy Chris & Jay. Yes, he has a cig in his mouth).  

I also want to let you all know, that we are NOT the only important "awareness" cause during the month of April.  

So, AB month kicks off April 1st, (no fool's joke), and check the spreadsheet for the exercises that will count.  I put "other" if you happen to know of a unique exercise.  (like opening a beer bottle inside your navel).  My fav is the four count flutter kick.  Ouch.  Last note on this subject, I'd love to see View from the Sidelines, Spiz, and Rizzer join in too.  C'mon, it'll be tons-o-fun!

In conclusion, for the solo events, I'd like to propose that each competitor's proposed event be within their own skill level.  For instance, if Wolfgang wants to run a 10K race, your vote should consider her current running level.  She should not have to run a full marathon to get a point.  Another example would be if Crash wanted to eat 10 Arby's sandwiches.  That would be a joke.  Anything under 50 would be well under his ability.  I think you get my drift.

Well, one training day down, and I'm only on beer 2 of 12.  Must work on my Swig before tomorrow's run.  Oh, and next posted spreadsheet / document will be a Playlist - Recommended Music list.  Chris, we don't need any Donnie Osmond please...


  1. I will be doing some bicycle crunches as well. Nice and slow to feel the burn!

  2. Sweet! Put me down for one Fall City 10K. Yeeehhhaaawwwww!!