Sunday, March 30, 2008

Another Runner's Log 3/30/08

I wonder what it's like not running in the rain. So far I've never been running by myself, (ie. running at lunch with Crash) when it's not pouring, or freezing, or both. During my Chicago trip I got out twice, both times it was near freezing and rainy. The few weekends that I've done LSD runs here in Everett, it's been rainy. Today: of the same.

I was planning on mirroring, W. Jones's run and do about 10 miles today. But I didn't have a route planned. I jumped on and started mapping. What I wound up with a few minutes later was a 13 mile route. A bit longer than I expected, but I just shrugged my shoulders, cranked the volume on the iPod and took off. My legs felt great, my foot didn't hurt, and I had some great tunes queued up. There was a slight drizzle, but that wasn't a real concern. Clad head to toe in synthetics I was confident about my wick-ability.

As I ran up Colby I still felt great, views of the sound were beautiful, and the new Louis XIV album rocks.

I rounded the norther tip of Marine View Drive and ran down towards the Port Gardner Marina. Short pit stop there, had to go potty.

Album ended, switched to David Byrne's Uh-Oh. A standby for me for years. Found out that none of the public drinking fountains at the marina work (grrr). Hit Everett Ave and was feeling great about hitting my approximate halfway point. Then debilitating pain in my right foot. I tried to keep running for a few meters, couldn't do it. Started walking to, well, because I had to. My foot's been bothering me off and on for several weeks now. I had it x-rayed and stuff, they said there was nothing visiblely wrong, but I think I'm gonna have to ask for a referal. Cuz something is really hurting in there.

After about 5 mins walking it was feeling a bit better so I started running again. I had myself convinced I could finish out my run. Then it starts hailing. A lot. Hail hurts. It hurts your ears, it hurts your hands, it's awful. It makes you want to quit, so I did. I ran home, drenched, freezing and ready to jump in warm shower. Oh well. Maybe next time I'll get to the Lightspeed Champion album too.

I jumped out of the shower feeling revitalized, so I started right in on cooking dinner. I usually try to cook something nice on Sunday evenings, as there is more time to work with than on weeknights. I had a big 4.5 lb chicken thawed in the fridge, but not much more in mind than that. Poking around I found a head of cauliflower that I think is the oldest produce in the fridge, so that was immediately on the chopping block. I also decided to make a skilletfull of cornbread. Mmm, it's been a long time since I've had that! I cut the skin off the breasts, and lightly seasoned the whole bird. Removed the giblets (not using them tonight), and juiced a meyer lemon and some onion, some carrot. Chopped up the lemon rinds with the onion carrots and stuffed the cavity. Trussed up the bird and nestled it in my terracotta cazuela (my favorite dish) with some a sliced fennel bulb left over from easter. Tossed it in the oven and started making corn bread batter.

Oh wait. I don't have any buttermilk! Quick trip to QFC, and 10 mins later I'm back in action!

Finish making my batter, saute some red pepper and onion in the skillet and pour in the goods. That goes in the oven right under the chicken, which is starting to brown so I throw some foil on it. The meyer lemon juice gets combined with some brown sugar and a little soy sauce in a small saucier, will be a glaze for the chicken in a few minutes. Time to turn my attention to the cauliflower, gets diced and tossed with a little olive oil, lemon juice (regular kind), salt and pepper in a casserole dish. 30 mins after the cornbread went in it comes back out of the oven and the cauliflower takes it's place. Foil also comes off the chicken and first coat of glaze gets brushed on.

While the skillet cools I get the first load of dishes in the washer, plus some left over from yesterday. I'm obviously going to have another full load soon enough!

Soon enough it's time for the chicken to come out, nicely glazed. Cauliflower, nicely browned, also comes out. While everything rests I pour myself my bottle of Turbo Ale (Nr.1 in Latvia), a recent bday gift (thanks Danny!), and snap off a few photos of the goods.

After that we ate it.

Also, in admin news, you'll notice that we're now Still powered by blogger but located at our own url. You'll want to adjust your favorites and/or feeds.


  1. Kudos on setting up the domain. Pretty easy, huh? I think you need to set up your own food blog. It's beckoning for you to make it.

  2. Hopefully the Turbo Beer makes you even faster. Just in time for April and the Abtastic month it will be.

  3. Food looked delicious. Almost as good as the beer. I was a bit torn reading your post though. Saw the link for Louis XIV, and I really liked their first album that you lent me. However, I do think your 4.5 lb chicken link surpasses Louis XIV. Rick Roll just has that extra something.