Wednesday, March 26, 2008

attn: tour contenders

a little bird Crash told me that this year's Tour de Mukilteo will likely have a Team Competition as well as the annual G.C. and K.O.M. competitions. Team Washington vs. Team Oregon.

Fair Warning: Welcome to our House.


  1. Hey Michael,

    Great photo of Pain Field, our little lunchtime 5 mile circuit ride that includes 4 hill ascents (mere 28% grade). I forgot. Was that taken before our sixth time around the airfield, or our seventh?

  2. As I'm the only member of team Oregon to even own a bike, that seems fair. Whatever it takes for Crash to get even a piece of one of the majors I guess.
    Did I mention the mandatory cheese tasting competition that will serve as the prologue to this year's Eugene Open?
    Hope you are running those hills too, because team Oregon is. After total victory in the NCAA bracket (the secretary who picked teams based on cute uniforms is doing better than you Crash) and a shockingly fast pace in the Eugene half marathon, I'm going to enjoy my two (2) bottles of wine.

  3. Team Oregon: Chris, Ken, & Jay.
    Team Washington: Michael, Brian, & Spiz.

    All other competitors will be grouped in threes. I think it will add a great dimension to the Tour. It's going to get boring if I just beat you on every stage Chris.

    As for the Eugene Half. I will be prepared for that run. Just want to make sure that you won't be taking any shortcuts on the route. In Mukilteo, that's called cheating.

  4. I'm exercising too much. It makes me cranky. I took a rest day today and made an appointment with my bartender for lunch. I feel much better now.
    Back to the pool tomorrow, 12 miles saturday morn in Portland, then an afternoon/evening of the anti-Davis challenge at the Edgefield to prepare for Ab-Awareness month. It was good to see Michael has me penciled in as the winner, he must have got wind of my training routine. A hint, it involves a 130 gallon tank of salt water and 3 electric eels.

  5. LOVE the photo, it's nearly as good as the "1 day accident free" site.
    I am also excited about the cheese eating contest. Finally, an event in which I can really kick some ass.
    And still NO on the Ab-awareness. Aware enough already.