Sunday, March 16, 2008


To Susie (aka - GeraldRizzer)

On a 4 hr 56 sec marathon time in Virginia Beach, VA!!!  Out(freakin')standing.  Not only a PR, but 56 sec short of breaking 4 hours!  Chris from Ventoux can testify on how difficult it is on breaking the 4 hour marathon.  56 sec?  That's one less Snickers bar.  That's leaving the foam alone on a Mac & Jack.  Susie, that's like getting back from work and instead of ingesting a hamburger, pizza bites, chips, salsa, cereal, apple, 3 brews, and a quarter bottle of Scotch, just leave out the stoopid apple.  

Anyways, well done.  Since I'm feeling pretty strong this evening (I just fought off a cold, and got 4 days rest), I will buy anyone who has competed in the Davis Challenge, a bottle of wine > $25, if they can better my time at the Eugene Half Marathon.  Yup, that's right.  Good luck, y'all.  Chris & Jay.  You might want to start doping now.  

Oh and Susie, I need my power drill back please.  I just bought the bestest training device EVER!  



  1. Excellent work Suz, certainly no small feat.

  2. Now I fear it might be difficult for you to break that last little hurdle of the 4hr mark. What you really need is some encouragement.

    Here's the plan: next time you're running one of these (someplace warm, please) fly me out there with you. I'll cheer for you and stuff.

    It's in the bag.

  3. Nice run. I would have never got my best time if it wasn't for some asshole riding a tandem by himself loitering at the 24 mile marker who made me start running again. If he hadn't won multiple Iron Man's I would have just told him how stupid he looked on the tandem and kept walking.

  4. thanks guys. I think I've figured it out- the secret to my success was the 2 Mac & Jacks before the red-eye at SeaTac followed by a 22 oz Sapporo with spicy sushi the lunch before the race. I have conclusively proven that presence of gut overhang does not hamper marathon performance.... only causes belt chafage. anyone up for the FULL marathon in Eugene?

    BTW, I'll pay for anyone willing to fly to the Atlantic just to run a marathon...