Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cultural Bracket

As most of the people in my office strive for a willfull ignorance of all things college sports related (because, you know, UO is practically an Ivy League, and the sports are just tarnishing the academic excellence) I have taken to assigning cultural meme's to all the teams in the brackets before distribution to the office. Its something shiny to grab their interest and get their 5$. In some cases there is a connection between team and meme, in most cases its just an unflattering reflection of my addled sub-conscious, and sometimes its just a favor to a friend (Fred Williamson Fans Holla). Anyway, thought I'd share it if you want to spice up your office tournament smack talk ("God might have beat Daisy Duke, but he better watch his ass against Footloose era Kevin Bacon"). Alternately, we can make this an event. Just fill out your bracket. Scan it, and post it on the blog, I'll tally points at the end.

1 comment:

  1. I'm filling out my bracket now, but beware. I'm going strictly off of the meme matchup, NOT the school. It's a lot more interesting that way.