Sunday, March 16, 2008

Diary Entry 3/16/08

Dear Diary,

Excited! That's how I feel about our new cleverly named Blog.  I'm also excited about the new point system for the unnamed "Series".  It's mid March, and the first event of the year was the Davis Challenge.  That was a Major event, so here are the current standings:

2008 "Unnamed Series" Point Standings:

Michael - 3
Danny - 3
Chris - 2
Jay - 2
Susie - 1
Brian - 1

The top finisher(s) in a Major Event receives 3 pts, the next finisher receives 2 pts, and everyone else receives 1 pt for participation.  For any non-Major event, the top finisher(s) get 2 pts, and everyone else gets 1 pt for showing up.

This NASCAR style point system is important because the "unnamed Series" will have special prizes.  These prizes are kinda like Endowed Professorships.  Each prize will have a donor, and will be named after one of the donor's parents.  For example, Susie will be sponsoring the 2nd Prize and word on the street is that it's a silver flask.  The 2nd prize will be known as "Young's Flask" and will go to the person will the 2nd highest point total.

What makes for a good prize?  A good prize is something highly sought-after, functional, displays well, unique, long lasting, and is the best of its kind.  All prizes will be exchanged after every event.  Therefore, prizes will change hands quite frequently, and if you don't compete much, you will get left behind.

To start off, there will be five prizes, but any new competitor can offer to sponsor a new prize. All sponsors will get a vote whenever a new "proposed event" is submitted.  If an event is approved (majority rules) then it becomes eligible to receive points in the Series.  For example, I want to propose an event called the "Six Minute Mile".  One week in June, competitors must try and break the six minute mile.  All competitors will receive 1 pt, and the person running the fastest mile will get 2 pts.  (That is if the event is approved).  One example of an event already approved is the Eugene Half Marathon, on May 4th. 

It may seem a bit complicated on paper, but believe me this is really simple and should be a lot of fun.  All Majors, already have their own trophies (and t-shirts too), so these prizes are just additional swag.  Also, most likely I'll be holding the top prize and everyone else will be competing for the other prizes, so that should keep things simple as well.  (However Michael does currently hold two Major trophies, but dude can't play tennis or swim, so that shouldn't last very long).

Finally, my favorite shade of pink is the Maglia Rosa from the Giro d'Italia.  My least favorite shade is magenta  pink.  The color of Chris' ass after I whooped him for 2nd Place in last year's Tour de Mukilteo.  (please comment your suggestions for a name for our Series).


  1. Happy Fun Racing Series.
    Drinking (Wo)Man Moto-X.
    Raw is War.
    The Olympics.
    NW Home-schoolers Field Hockey Championship Series.
    My Preference - Beer League

  2. Anyone else finding this complicated? or strangely warped to Brian's advantage?

  3. AIA - (Amateur Intoxicated Athletes)
    AUI - Athletes Under the Influence
    FD Series - (Fit Drinkers)
    N.F.S.A - (no fun suffering alone)