Sunday, March 23, 2008

Eugene Open update

Rizzer, I think I have found another tennis player of our caliber (i.e. bush league beer drinker) if you are still interested in competing in the Northwest's premier tennis tournament.
I've gotten Jen to go swimming and now she is wondering what the distances are on your planned triathlon. Her 30+ lb 80's era Bridgestone touring bike would make an awesome triathlon bike. If there was a pile up ahead of her she wouldn't even have to slow down, she could plow through it on her way to victory leaving splinters of carbon fiber and wrecked body's clad in shredded lycra in her wake. I am a bit worried about the rollover risk of putting it on the car rack though.
Now I have to decide wether to use the cold grey weather as an excuse to drink beer and watch basketball instead of go for a bike ride. Cheers.


  1. Chris,

    If you want to win the Tour de Muk, go for a ride. I'm currently at the beer & bball stage, so no judging here, brother.

    Rizzer has a pretty good all around game. Very good ground strokes, decent net play, good stamina, and fair serve. What she needs is a power server, and someone who doesn't shy away from pounding a six-pack. Oh, and if they like Scotch, then it's Bad News for us all!

  2. In response to Chris from Ventoux,
    I have to admit the marathon excuse comes in handy if anyone happens to look at me in disgust as I eat my 2nd burger, fries, and pitcher of beer, and I can just shrug and say I'm "loading" for the marathon. Really, one does not need a reason or justification to drink beer. Besides, I cannot possibly run enough to burn the calories I can consume, so the excuse does not work. I run mainly because I have no life and it is slightly more socially acceptable than being a heroin addict.

    I'm considering a hybrid of Olympic and Sprint distance (shorter swim, and I get to write this one, apparently, though open to suggestions)
    1/2 mi swim, 25 mi bike,10 km (6.2 mi) run.
    I am considering mandating tequila shots in the transitions, more shots for each slot behind the leader (ala the Davis Challenge point system).

    And excuse me, I think Crash has me mistaken for another Rizzer who knows how to play tennis. I can hit the ball about 30% of the time if it comes directly to me, the problem is I just can't give enough of a ____ to chase any shots.

  3. Crash, I went for the ride. Then stripped down my bike, realized I need a different tool to pull the lock ring on my bottom bracket and change the crank (I think, by that point I just wanted to drink beer and make Chili). So I'll head to the bike store manana. Needed new rear brake pads anyway. 20 mile ride but all up and down hill. I don't know what sucked worse, uphill into the cave of pain, or downhill on potholed county roads, no bike lane, rain and heavy crosswinds (cave of fear?).
    Rizzer, 30% qualifies, and your potential partner is super long, so he can cover a lot of ground. This is not the Davis Challenge, skill is not encouraged. And if society would just stop looking down on opiate addiction so severely, I will have my next hobby.