Monday, March 17, 2008


Posting late this evening, it's well past my bedtime.  Thinking about the upcoming hills in the Tour de Mukilteo, and running the Eugene Half (I also got a great nap this afternoon).  So lying in bed, I got to thinking, April is just around the corner.  April is the first full month of Spring and April starts with the letter 'A'.  So does the word 'Abdominal'.  So why not make April 'Abdominal Month' and get another point earning event out of the "Series"?

I propose making April "Abdominal Month" and anyone completing 3,000 sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, flutter kicks, or any other basic ab repetition, will earn a "Series" point.  The person who logs the most Ab Work gets two points.  

3,000?  That averages to about 750 per week, 150 per day (only 5 days).  For example, this morning I did 60 incline sit-ups (brutal), 50 leg lifts, and 100 flutter kicks.  I would log 210 and still be able to drink to my heart's content during the weekend.  It's really not too bad, but not too easy either.  You'd have to be committed for the whole month.

So, can I get a witness?  (actually, I need at least two more guinea pigs).  The pros?  Wash board abs.  A Series point.  Knowing at least two others are suffering along with you.  The cons? None.  
Finally, along the lines of "group suffering", I'm submitting some "Series" names.  These are just brainstorm names, we'll just know the right one when we hear it.  1) NFSA Series - (no fun suffering alone).  2) WHPH Series - (work hard, play hard).  3) Ascetic Series (I like, but that may infer not drinking).  4) Hardship Series.

Please Comment your "official vote".  If you Agree, start your comment with "Hell Yeah - Tony Little Rocks!".  If you Disagree, start with "Beer Belly 4 Life"...



  1. Abdominals is where I draw the line. No way Jose.

  2. Based on how awful I feel this minute, that's a negative, Brian.

    Also, your acronyms suck.

    How about B.RU.S. points (brews? bruise?). Instead of 'points' you get 'bruises'

    nah, that sucks too. we'll come up with something.

  3. I can do Ab-Awareness Month. I never really stopped the Davis Challenge training anyway. I'm up to holding a cold beer for 20 minutes straight now. S.U.K. series "Suffering Unlimited (something or other with K)" with SUK points?

  4. it's on............................................................................................................

  5. okay okay, now that my post st. paddy's 'condition' has had time to be seen in perspective. I'm in. Running yesterday I felt too much 'gut.'

    let's get rid of that.

    Looks like majority went the other way anyhoo.