Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lessons Learned

On Sunday, I went out with Guth and my new bike, The Furnace, on my first long ride from Everett to Arlington and back. The 60 mile journey started out very cold. Before I could even properly warm up, we decided to stop for a front tire changing lesson. From there, it was smooth sailing until tire change lesson #2 (the rear tire this time). Guth used his bike as the example for both lessons. The rest of the trip to Arlington was very scenic. We even caught a rare glimpse of the lake by the trail.
Our return trip was a bit humbling. Like a samurai teaching his pupils, Guth had to test my reflexes at a randomly determined time toward the end of our ride. For this test, he decided to jerk the front wheel of Chugg and do a 10-foot skid out in front of me. Unfortunately, I failed and crashed into him. Perhaps with time I shall acquire the skill to be a master bikesman.
My final lesson was only learned hours after our trip. I was wiped out on the couch with a fever of 100. The likely culprit: dehydration. So drink up kids! It’s for your health!


  1. Could be dehydration, could be the timing on the blood doping. How long before the ride are you hooking up the IV?

  2. Dear Furnace (I like, very nice name),

    I've been through Guth's lessons before too. I've been through the tires changes, but haven't audited the crash course yet. Be thankful you haven't been shown Michael's time-saver course. That's right. Dude keeps a 16 mph pace, 82 cadence, and instead of pulling over to release some Gatorade hydration, he just multi-tasks...