Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Runners Log-03/02/2008

Current Mood: Strong

Miles Ran: 6 (only 7 more to go!)
Route: Golf Course out and back
Best Song of the Run" "No Sleep 'til Brooklyn", Beastie Boys
Gear: That sassy black Nike outfit my mother-in-law got me for Christmas, I-pod Shuffle, faded red Eaglemont baseball cap
Wheels: Asics Gel Cumulus
Sites Seen: 1 Great Dane, 1 cute man jogging, 1 policeman driving by twice (possible bun checkout on his part?), spring flowers starting to poke through, that same old lady I see every single time I run the Golf Course route (this lady ALWAYS has a smile on her face EVERY single time I see her..start to secretly wonder if she may be just a bit "special"?)
Smells: Cigar wafting from hole 14
Loogis: 5 (that is almost one per mile!). At some point I must have been hallucinating, because I started to wonder if someone could get a DNA sample from my left behind loogis. What if someone cloned me from my DNA sample. What if I ran into myself while running, literally! Would I just say, "Oh, hey girl!" AWKWARD!!
Issues: Miles 3-4 are where all the uphills come into play. Worked on keeping my heart rate down on the uphills.

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