Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Runners Log-03/09/2008

Current Mood: Cranky

Miles Ran: 6 (7 more to go)
Route: Golf Course out and back
Equipment: baggy black Nike outfit, I-pod shuffle that crapped out on miles 3-4, blue CSC baseball cap
Wheels: Asics Get Cumulus
Sites Seen: my pretty neighbor and her Pug (she stopped me to ask if I was going to go to Bunco on Wednesday night). I swear I saw my mom drive by in the 'mato (her red VW bug...wonder why she didn't recognize her own daughter?), that SAME "special" smiley old lady, a sign on a post advertising a "Cougar Camp" (start thinking how cool it would be if this was actually a camp for older women who hit on young guys. Wonder if C.I.T's (cougars in training) could attend the camp too?)
Issues: Was on the grumpy side this morning. Dang, that one hour loss of sleep is upseting my delicate system. Might be grumpy because I now "have" to run. Try to stay positive and think about how all this running is going to pay off on race day.

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