Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Runners Log-03/16/2008

Current Mood: Strong

Pre-run Website Visited: (found out that my golf course run is actually 7 miles, decide to make today’s run a 9 miler)
Miles Ran: 9 (4 more to go!)
Route: Golf Course out and back with an additional 35th Street out and back
Gear: baggy black Nike pants, bright mustard colored t-shirt (the kind the Naked Mole Rat makes fun of), Black polar fleece zip up, well charged I-Pod shuffle, black gloves, blue CSC cap
Best Song of the Run: Led Zeppelin’s "Immigrant Song". This song gives me some SERIOUS girl power!
Sites Seen: one dead baby mouse on the sidewalk (am secretly sad about how small and pink it’s little hand-paws are (were)), 5 cars flying by before the 6th car stops for me in the pedestrian crossing (think I better lose the baggy pants and wear the sassy outfit referenced in blog dated 03/02/08 so the first car stops!!), try to catch a glimpse of my husband knocking his balls around with his "mistress" (his mistress is the golf couse-I swear that boy will golf in any weather!) Start to wonder what his" mistress" has that I don’t have. I too am challenging, have a view that contains hills and bush, and have more than one hole (just a really bad joke people!! warning:running warps your mind-I don’t recommend it), one sketchy "hoodied" punk (crank the Zeppelin and don’t let him sense that I am secretly about to die from the mile 3-4 hills-I act tough and get ready kick his Adidas loving ass if need be), on mile 8.5 I was about to die. I start hallucinating and think I am running towards the light and baby Jesus when I spot my husband on Hole 8. Wave "Hi" and mumble a bit (start thinking my husband must have a freaky side to him since he let’s his buddies stand around and take turns with his "mistress" too!), as I was walking up to my house, I see my beyond odd neighbor across the street arguing with his x-wife-make mental note that she is not burried under his house yet.
LBS lost: 2 (that’s a whole lot of sweat for one girl)
Loogis: 0 (found out that Orbit White Wintermint sucks up a lot of spit. I already think the Orbit commercials are pretty clever, but they could be making a lot more money if people knew how much spit their gum soaks up!)
Best part of the Run: the hot bath afterwards.


  1. Orbit White Woman is hot. Seriously, does it absorb spit? I suffer from that ailment, and just need a push to buy product from Advertisement's campaign. Please Advise...

  2. Will Orbit help my nose from running when I bike?
    Agree 100% with Zeppelin, particularly on hills.
    And seeing baby Jesus and the bright light. There are other ways to achieve that I suppose, but not where you lose 2 lbs.

  3. Hi Gerald, How exactly were you planning on using the Orbit gum to stop your nose from running when you bike (chewing vs.nose plugging)? That will help me better answer your question.
    Hi Crash, Yes, Orbit sucks spit better than a....(well you get the idea!). Yes, it worked for me. Thanks for the questions.