Sunday, March 23, 2008

Runner's Log - 03/23/08

Mood: Okay. -I'm tired after a little more than 7 miles, but not and winded as I expected to be. My foot hurts, but not as bad as I expected. I fashioned a custom orthotic out of gauze before I left, it helped.
Seen: One smoking cyclist (a dedicated soul to the Unofficial Sport of Everertt, in the rain no less), two electrical substations, three trains
Soundtrack: M.I.A. (thanks Chris, for introducing me to that one) and then I thought it only fitting that I resurrect Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool Album. God bless Nick Lowe.
I even arrived home before the kids awoke and discoved their bunny-delivered bounty. Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. Dang Michael,

    7 miles is quite impressive, but after checking out your link, I am in awe. Appears you ran over I-5 twice (very good training for the fast twitch muscles) and swam / water jogged the Snohomish river two times as well.

    Rizzer & I also had an awesome Easter morning 7 miler. During our run in the rain, I predicted the Vegas odds that you'd skip your run in between brunches at 20-1. Well done! My legs didn't want to start after yesterday's ride, but once I got started, all was fine. You were definitely smart to go early.

    Finally, now that I've got 43 biking miles & 7 running miles in my legs this weekend, I am now working on my last 36 ounces of Newcastle. (48 ounces already logged). Which brings me to my last point. So much biking & running. We've got to get back to our roots. Would someone PLEASE propose a SWIG event. All work and no play makes Crash highly susceptible to a relapse...

  2. Strong work, Guth.
    Word of advice, do NOT skimp on the shoes. There are good running shoes at decent prices, but you really should go to a running specialty store, get fitted, and try it on a treadmill. Or see a podiatrist. I learned the hard way, a good pair of shoes is even more important than chafage protection.