Sunday, March 30, 2008

"Runners Log 3/30/2008"

Evening before run Pub visited: The Irishmen, downtown Everett

Beverages consumed: 1 Ten Fidy Imperial Stout (accidentally drank the husband’s special beer he had stashed in the back of the fridge-I just liked the can), 2 Manny’s Pale Ales

Gear: same old schtuff

Miles Ran: 10 (3 more to go!)

Route: Decided to get buck wild and crazy and run the Burke Gilman Trail. Parked at Bothell Landing Park and ran 5 miles to Kenmore and back.

Temperature: my car told me it was 39 degrees. That was down right balmy compared to the 33 degrees it was earlier on in the morning.

Weather: rain, snow, rain/snow, sunshine (mother nature needs some Prozac!)

Best Song of the Run: a very fitting, “I Will Survive”, Gloria Gainer

Sites Seen: only a few runners, tons ‘o cyclists (noticed that cyclists are built long and lean-why is that?)

Issues: I definitely need to work on the “swig” portion of my x-training. Although I wasn’t hung over today, I definitely felt just a bit “crunchy” all day.

Best Part of the Run: Convincing myself that running 10 miles in the snow/rain would “grow some hair on my chest” (as Crash likes to say).

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