Monday, March 3, 2008

sign it. do it.

The folks at Bike There have an online petition to Google to add some cool new cycling related features to their online mapping tools. Different than many other cycling related g-maps mashups, they envision actual route finding features catered to the non-road-law-abiding cycling community.

Sign it.


  1. Well Michael, normally I do NOT sign an initiative unless it is backed by my fellow Mukiltean Tim Eyman, but in this case, I guess I'll make an exception. Wowser. If this passes, do you think we'll see the day when someone from the WiredZone desiring a gallon of milk from Albertson's on Beverly Park Road will actually have the option to bike D2Dv1?

  2. What you don't understand is this
    Deathstar, errrr, Google Earth is fully operational