Thursday, March 20, 2008

"To Goo or Not To Goo?"

I am busy at work, surfing the net, looking at sites I probably should not be looking at. I decided to take one of those silly quizzes. I found out that my "porn" name would be Wolfgang Jones. I kinda like that name. It has that certain "je ne sais quoi", I look for. Just a heads up that I will be changing my blog name from Klokstar to Wolfgang Jones. Anywho, I am finally breaking down and running my first half marathon on Sunday, May 11th (this is also Mother's is cracking me up that the race's website suggest that you "surprise" your mom this year and register her for a half marathon for Mother's Day. Oh yeah, I am sure that my mom will appreciate it (sarcasm) when I tell her, "Forget the flowers this year lady!! Get ready to saddle up 'ol girl and run like the wind!"). The real point of my post is this....I know most of you are past the half marathon level, do you think I need to use Goo during my half marathon?


  1. Hey Wolfgang. I think I can get you participation points for this Half. It's a week after the Eugene Half, but close enough. With ABS Awareness month, you'll have at least 2 highly coveted "Magnum Series" points. Train on!

    As for goo. These events provide water & Gatorade. However, I'd definitely recommend bringing a gel or two. My fav is Promax. Available at Trader Joes. Very delicious. Best strategy is to train well this next month. I think you'll be just fine.

  2. Do the Eugene Half! You'll get a cool "cutters" T-shirt!'
    What does Klokstar mean?

    Gu helps, I think. I used to like PowerGels until someone pointed out to me that their liquid consistency resembles _____. The key is to hydrate/ gel before you hit the wall.

  3. Eugene half should be providing 15 yr old scotch and cut crystal glasses. I didn't realize what they were charging.

  4. Exactly. I think the organizers must have consulted the National Vendors at Movie Theaters of America. Ya know, like when a small container of popcorn, the size of a dixie cup costs $7, and then the jumbo bucket cost $7.50. I almost signed up for the full marathon 'cause I would be getting more bang for my buck. Then I remembered how far a marathon is.