Sunday, March 23, 2008

Where U@J?


Hope your weekend training run for the Eugene 1/2 went well. I'm a bit worried reading about your swimming training. Figure you'll be the first one out of the drink at the Central District Triathlon, but hoping my running skills will compensate for my doggie paddle technique. Did I mention I train in Weiss' shower / bathtub combo? With rubber duckie?

Administrative Note: Prize sponsors, please have your prizes ready at the Eugene Half Marathon, which is May 4th. We will also be posting a link that shows the current Magnum Series (MS) point standings.

I officially propose that Susie get credit for each marathon she has completed since the DC Challenge (I think 2)?, and that the Guth get a MS pt for his upcoming RSVP ride in April. Please comment your vote. (and suggestions for a SWIG event).


1 comment:

  1. J put in his long run and is meeting me for swimming tomorrow (if you aren't getting in the pool, you are correct about being in trouble there, especially at a 1/2 mile).
    I will vote for Susie getting marathon points on one condition, it is limited to one per season (4 a year). I don't want her racking up 50 points a year with her mentally unstable friends.
    I will vote for the Guth's point if he wears a pink jersey, or a fake IV strapped to his arm. Or I'll just vote for it - wether he wears a pink jersey or not will be on his conscience.
    Can I get points for damaging my liver? Its been talking shit lately...