Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Crash on April 30th

13,475 AB Reps later, no cycling Bib, but same Krusty the Clown tan (thank goodness for the cell phone camera).  Here is my end of month photo submission.  Vote for Crash.  I desperately need the 1/2 BRS point.  

New Shoes for Gerald?

I'm finding these strangely sexy!? Then again, I'm kinda into toe cleavage....

Millennium May - Another Official Magnum Point Event -

Now that Ab-Awareness Month is finally drawing to a close we're all looking to preserve the endorphine high nausea we got from our daily ritual.
So, this has been hinted at over the last week: this month's event is Millennium May.

The idea is simple:
Pick some challenges
Do them.
Thousands of times.

We have a laundry list of pre-approved challenges, it works like this. Pick one of the physical items below to do all of. And then do half of another one. And drink (you don't have to drink while engaged in your physical challenges, but I think we all know I will). Then log your results on the spreadsheet to the right (let me know if you need an collaborator invite).

200,000 meters RUN
1,000K BIKE
10,000 meters SWIM
2,000 PUSH-UPS
2,000 ABS

1,000 min TIME of an activity (approx 50min / 5 days / week)

Mandatory SWIG (choose one)
3,000 ml WINE (4 bottles)
10,000 ml BEER (28 beers)
4 Bottles of Magnum Malt Liquor
(In honor of the Magnum Series)

Extra Credit:
1,000 sliders WHITE CASTLE

If you would like to suggest a challenge you don't see here put it in the comments or in an email. ie, I am gonna work on my pushups, but 2000 won't be attainable for me, I can't do more than 20 without being completely sore for days. Instead, I'll shoot for 1000 pushups+2000 situps for one challenge. Also, I'm going to Disneyland next week for two days and I hope to spend 1000 minutes standing in line. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One thousand six hundred and fifty meters. Sixty-six lengths. Thirty-three laps. One Mile.
That is my goal for the end of May. I have a plan. Six weeks ago when I started, 50 meters was as far as I could go without grabbing the side of the pool. This morning I did six laps without pause, it was a personal best. I don't feel like I could drown any more, I just get really really hungry mid lap.
Anyway, that is my personal challenge. I will be doing Millenium May, and will be shopping for pull up bars. But my goal is a mile, without pause. I'm putting it up here for a vote for a Magnum Series point. I'm going to do it regardless.
Thats word to my friend at the pool who started showing up ten minutes earlier when she thought View and I might possibly take her lane. I took a picture of her today.

This Weekend in Photos

For now you'll have to be content with a photo-journal and captions.

UPDATE: link to journal removed to protect the innocent. lemme know if you would still like a link.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rectus abdominis

To: The gentleman hailing from Eugene, OR, Chris from Ventoux.  

I officially withdraw from competing to WIN April's AB Awareness Month.  I don't want to be the Hillary Clinton of the Magnum Series, and seeing that you put in AB reps this weekend, while all I did was prematurely max-out my Millennium May's drinking requirements,  I'd like to congratulate you on your effort.  However, I also would like to announce my endorsement of Jay to win the competition.  Jay, any chance you can knock out about 10,000 crunches the next 72 hours?

From: The gentleman hailing from Mukilteo, WA, who is really John Daly at heart.

Anti-foot fetish

I used to spend $10/ week on bandaids (not to mention the prep time) to prevent foot blisters. Blister shield, a great product for chafage on the torso, just made the feet slide around and didn’t work. Someone told me about Wright socks double layer socks, which I thought were the best thing since sliced bread for awhile. But after switching shoes, I started to get blisters between my small toes and was back on the bandaids, until someone suggested the toe socks. They are called Injini Tetrasoks and they come in a variety of lengths/ fabrics and even "split toe", i.e. great toe separated from little toes.

I must admit, it was a weird and not altogether pleasant sensation at first, purposefully inserting fabric between the toes (otherwise the toes don’t really go into the slots properly) reminded me of foot massages, a little creepy. Can anyone explain foot fetishists? But that feeling goes away and the socks were fabulous. No blisters and no foot sweating- can’t recommend them enough. Worth every penny of the $11/ pair. Haven’t tried them in super cold weather but it doesn’t get that bad in Seattle.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

just checking in...

Greetings from Bellingham! I went out for walkies this morning and found a 'puter here in the hotel lobby. After a 110 miles yesterday we made it to B'ham, arrived around 4:30. The route wasn't too bad; knowing the area reasonably well I was able to take us off the recommended course quite a bit and avoid some of the high-traffic zero-shoulder areas. We got a room here at the Best Western, two doubles, and they wheeled in a little trundle bet that Mark was the last to say Not It to avoid winning.

But then around midnight Mark comes and crawls into bed with me, at first I thought he might be disoriented. But nope, he wanted to snuggle up. That little bed they gave him was AWFUL. He'd of had better luck napping on his bicycle. Oh well, what's a little occasional brush-of-the-hairy-leg among acquaintances?

Hitting the Bagelry down the block in a little bit, they on to a proper breakfast buffet in Linden. Then we hit the border into Kanuck Country. Weather is expected to be beautiful today, mid-upper 60's. Should be a nice ride.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bon Voyage Michael!

Best Wishes to TheGuth. Tomorrow morning he will be biking from Seattle to Vancouver B.C. Don't forget to Party!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Millenium May Framework

A closed door session of the security council took place earlier today (okay, really just time wasting email at work) and a framework for "MILLENIUM MAY" was agreed upon. We already have a quorum Rizz and Jay, so just like a Palm Beach county democrat, your vote does not count.

There will be a selection of challenges, all with some tie in the theme of thousands, from which each competitor will pick 3. The competitor will pick one challenge to perform all of, one challenge to perform half of, and a drinking challenge. Picking a drinking challenge will be mandatory. This will be done over the month of May and tracked on a spread sheet.

So far ideas we have for challenges:
100,000 meters running (approx 62 miles, though this distance is up for debate)
1,000 miles on a bike (I'd be amenable to reducing this number to 1,000 k if others like)
10,000 meters swimming
6 six packs (we'll officially track how many thousands of ounces - same for other drinking challenges)
6 bottles (boxes?) of wine
36 fingers of scotch? (though more than 3 in a sitting is wasting the good stuff)

Please debate these distances / quantities in comments. And suggest other possible events for the menu (for example 1,000 minutes of pilates if thats your thing, or 5,000 push ups if you've been getting sand kicked in your face at the mukilteo ferry terminal Crash, or a Krav Maga match for $1,000 dollars Jay).

Once we have all the suggestions and distances worked out we'll post the final menu of choices.
Anyone completing their choices in May gets a Magnum point. There are no losers - so no bonus points for this challenge. Though side betting should be encouraged.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May Challenge Proposal

Why not make May's Challenge, Blog Month?  Let's log our Biking-Running-Swiging.  Run 75 miles, Bike 250 miles, and Swig a 6-Pack of each participant's choosing.  No outright winner, but just one BRS point awarded for participation.  Don't make the numbers?  1/2 point.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Alternative Means Are Needed

I've been dealing with a difficult personal issue lately, and didn't share it with y'all as I'm not big on sympathy. Isabella was in the hospital with a bad diagnosis. It was a a waiting game to see if she'd pull through. I was changing out the old bottom bracket to install a new crank. One cup came out just fine, the other, not so fine. Apparently Shimano shaves weight off their components by taking out whatever atoms make the metal hard. The drive side cup was frozen in the frame, and the special tool was just shredding it when I'd try to turn it. I took her into the bike shop, and the mechanic had a look of horror on his face. He said, "Dude, just so you know, theres a special tool to take those off." I told him I knew that. I had special ordered the tool from his shop, for just this job, it wasn't working, the cup was frozen and I thought I'd bring it in before I completely mangled the cup to the point where it couldn't be worked on (assuming it wasn't already there).
To quote the receipt (can there be a more appropriate locus of significance and meaning in a consumer society?)"I've advised the customer (dumb ass home mechanic) that we will do the best we can but have made him no promises based on the state he brought us the bike in. His bottom bracket cup is frozen. Alternative means are needed to release it".
I spent most of last week and all of this weekend alternately worrying and feeling sleazy for researching other bikes online (I felt like Newt Gingrich, divorcing his first wife on her deathbed to pursue a younger version - though I had no plans to then turn around and lecture America on the superiority of conservative values). On a side note, if anyone is looking for full carbon, has last year's Ridley Excalibur on sale with an SRAM groupo for $1900, the components aren't top of the line (much like my riding skills) but thats the same price as the frame itself usually.
I heard this morning that Isabella came through and just picked her up. Alternative Means were inserting another half cup on the backside to protect the frame, the standard tool, a head seat press around the whole thing to keep it all in place, and a cheater bar on the wrench. I'll put in the new crank tonight, she should be on the road this weekend. Well, I need to get back to work so I can go home early and do more crunches.
P.S. Just cuz I'm juvenile like that and someone else conned me into looking at a slide show of a man's ass in cycling shorts:

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Why Do I Live Strong?

Piecora's pizza & Black Butte Porter. Believe me, it tastes amazing, especially after a 22 miler...

So much to blog, so little time, so guess I'll go with bullets...

Only 10 days left in AB Awareness month. The last third. Remember 3,000 is the target, so if you're behind, you've got time to catch up. Welcome to Ken & Gerald, two late comers! Ken will be a member of Team Oregon, in the TdM, and Gerald FINALLY gave in to my nagging. Actually, she has already logged 1,400 reps, so almost there. (Her participation will definitely change the Magnum Series trophies at the Eugene Half). Michael & Wolfgang, I also pursuaded her to join the 8 week weight loss office pool...

Beat the Bridge is Sunday, May 18th. I believe it's a 8K race. If you are interested in running (Yes you - Michael, Danny, Wolfgang, Steena, Amber, Tracy, and anyone else), please let me know. Gerald's running for a cause this time (her cousin's son) and if you join her team, your entry fee will be covered, and you'll get a free cool looking t-shirt. Please let me know if you're interested...

Stay tuned for some enhancements to the Blog. TheGuth is working on adding a space where people can add favorite music groups, books, movies, recipes, beers/wines, favorite shades of pink (Chris), or whatever. Also, we're going to add some pics of the Major Trophies (DC, Eugene Open, Central District Triathlon, & TdM) as well as the past winners. For some unexplainable reason, I'm not in possession of all the trophies, so would the current champions please take a picture and forward it to Michael? We'll also be doing the same for the Magnum Series items as well. Jay, don't forget the deadline is the Eugene Half...

Finally, I think AB Month has been going very well so far, and don't want momentum to waver come next month. It forced me to regularly check the Blog, as well as kept me honest in my AB work. So let's start brainstorming for an event for May. Just comment your ideas, and remember there's no wrong or "dumb" ideas in brainstorming (exception: Team Oregon members). I'd like to suggest Millennium May. Goal is to log 1,000 miles on your bike. This should keep us honest for the upcoming STP in July. And no Team Oregon, tandems don't count...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

post pwned

This weekend's ride to BC has been delayed a weekend. After all, no one likes to ride in the snow. I can't believe that's actually a worry in late April, but this is just the winter that won't let go. Instead though, I think we're going to try to scope out the better of the two weekend days for another ride. Team WA, what do you think? We can do either the 60 or 80 mile route from my place. Mark K., you too, and we can even do a little more route recon.

Meanwhile, pray for sunnier skies next weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hi, my name is Borat!

Gerald - Thanks for the great technical cycling suit.  Only wish it came in neon lime green, like the color of Borat's bikini...

Michael, Chris, & all other Tour de Mukilteo riders - Sorry I didn't take a picture of my back side.  I thought I'd let you study it the next few months.  It's all you'll see in the Tour...

AB Awareness folks - this will probably be my "before" pic.  Let's see how much improvement shows over the next two weeks, after 5,000 reps and a case of unsalted matzo crackers...

Jay - I am nominating you for a solo BRS point.  I understand you are taking an Israeli self-defense class called Krav Maga.  All you have to do is simply wrestle me at the Post Eugene Half Marathon party.  You just have to pin me for 3 seconds, but I get to wear this outfit...

I met andy

Sunday morning, before the rains came, I decided to take The Furnace for a ride. I rode down to my parents' place for a nice waffle breakfast with maple syrup, freshly made whipped cream, and strawberries. Yum!

Then it was off to Mukilteo to see what St. Andrew's Blvd is all about. Before arriving there, I'll have to say that Picnic Point Road is a fun one to ride down. There's a short climb before Andy - not that much of a problem. The big climb, however was. I ended up turning into one of the cul-de-sacs to catch my breath halfway up, but aside from that, I made it up in about 10 mins. Okay for my first try. I'll have to start doing more hill climbs to get my endurance up.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The cure for alcoholism

I have discovered the cure for alcoholism. It is called "whooping cough".

So I lived with this nagging cough for over 3 weeks because I didn't feel sick (my criteria for "sick" is if it interferes with running), and in fact ran the St. Louis marathon last weekend with only mild hacking at gatorade stops. Then I developed chest pain from coughing so hard (do I get Ab points for coughing?), so I finally went to get some codeine cough syrup. Diagnosis? Pertussis, better known as whooping cough, or pneumonia. And I was further advised to stop abusing ranger candy (aka Advil), because it was making my blood pressure high (180/102). No Advil, no alcohol, OWW. At least I still have bacon.

I am now 3 days alcohol-free due to my meds, the longest alcohol-free period for me in recent memory. Suffered greatly on my attempted 15 miler with Brian this morning, but am still hopeful that I will be better by Saturday for the Salt Lake City marathon. We'll see if this cure sticks, maybe I'll actually publish a paper.

Crash, you must get over your anti-poser apparel philosophy. Technical gear helps performance, wearing cotton for 3+ hour workouts just to look cool is macho nonsense, just ask your bloody nipples.

Endorsement from Ventoux

Sunday, 1:00pm (that means afternoon Brian) PST, 65 degrees farenheit, Music: U-Roy's "Train from the West", hands down the greatest rhythm from reggae's golden age.
Recently a friend of mine sent an email that began with "I have never made a political endorsement before...". To give some context, this friend is easily the smartest person I have met since leaving the confines of Rice, a school so good Brian named his first born son after a dorm there. He is in fact smart enough to show up at Willie's and go all Good Will Hunting on young Reagan from Bellaire. I imagine his time at the University of Oregon was akin to Jim Brown's career on the Syracuse lacroose team.
Anyway, after going in to work and potting some new plants for my desk and picking up the lovely Candy I decided to stop for a beer at the Eugene City Brewery. I like to go there because they carry the Rogue Voice, a newspaper out of San Luis Obispo. They carry this particular alternative weekly, published by a group of drunks and dropouts, because they serve Rogue beer and somehow the drunkards of these two particular business ventures managed to hook up. I'm wandering I know, but after 1,100 crunches, obliques, flutter kicks, etc. yesterday I've decided to enjoy my day of rest, so stick with me. There was an article that mentioned the theory that many people voted for G-Dub because he was the candidate that they would prefer to have a drink with. Along those lines I have decided to make my first official political endorsement. At first, I considered Hillary on some Good Will Hunting "Fuck the Conservatives, thats why." bullshit. Plus, I'm guessing Bill keeps the crib stocked with Belvedere and Hennessy for the occasional jump off. Then I realized there was a candidate who spoke to me personally. Fortuitously, it is the same candidate who spoke to my big brained friend, a registered Republican for the record, though for much more trivial reasons. You see, much like Obama, I do not smoke cigarettes (as far as you know, unless you drink with me, then you know). This is a man I trust to understand the importance of Single Payer Health Care (What up Lung Cancer?!?). If he can convince the nation that he no longer smokes (try getting the monkey off your back in the middle of hundred hour a week campaigning and let me know how that goes. Stress does not in fact equal success) and I can convince the family that I quit a decade ago, then together we can bring a new age to our great country. I don't normally endorse Marlboro light smokers (What up Winston!), but I stand before you today to tell you this is one I can wholeheartedly support. Plus, unlike the Republican candidate, Im told he supports all 10 ammendments to the Bill of Rights, not just the second (for white folks anyway).

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Attention Eugene Half Marathoners!

Almost didn't make it out of Chicago this weekend.  I have always flown United Airlines the past 13 years.  The one time I switch, the FAA decides to inspect American Airlines' fleet.  Go figure.  Anyways, my flight was one of the few that wasn't cancelled.  Wouldn't have mattered, had my flight been postponed, I would have simply done some crunches, leg lifts, or bicycles in the terminal to kill time.  

So what's up with the pic?  While y'all were laboring at your jobs Friday,  I decided to put in a training run for the Eugene Half.  That's right.  If you look closely, the sign says "Welcome to Indiana".  I ran to the next state.  Oh Chris, go ahead and concede that extra BRS point now.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

An Open Letter on the Subject of My Colon

Dear Ab-Awareness Community,

What the heck already, eh? Is it just me? Or have you noticed the same sharp increase in, um, the efficacy of your digestive tract? Some of it is diet too. Per Dr. Oz, I'm getting a lot more fibrous leafy greens. But still, enough already, no? Something about these ab workouts just gets things...going.

The Guth

ps TMI?
pps sounds like poops if you say it phonetically.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crash's Vacation Update

Crash's Vacation Daily Routine:

0430: Reveille

0500 - 9.5 mile run. Highlight: Running in Forest Preserve prairie. Best deer to walker ratio. 9:9.

0630 - AM AB Workout

0700 - Starbucks run (yup Wolfgang, even here in IL). Highlight: Waiting for very slow service on my venti drip with Chicago Bulls BBaller legend, Tony Kukoc.

0800 - Breakfast - Poached eggs, bacon, potatoes, and OJ. Yes, I eat that EVERY day.

0900 - Morning Recreational Activity - Chess, tennis, or reading. Book: Omnivore's Dilemma. Very, very good read so far.

11:30 - Afternoon AB Workout

1200 - lunchtime (normally a burger).

1300 - Siesta (Chris that's one o'clock)

1400 - Afternoon Rec Activity or help out with housework.

1630 - Evening AB Workout

1700 - Cocktails

1730 - Chow

2000 - Lights out.

So why am I sharing my vacation schedule? If this is what life is like during retirement, sign me up right now! Only difference would be substituting AB Workout with another recreational activity, or possibly another siesta.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

much needed break from ab-awareness

After blasting my abs (see also: 'fulfilling the minimun requirement')for the innaugural week of April Ab Awareness, I decided they needed a rest for the weekend. Instead I concentrated on other things like, running further than I ever had before, and also, cycling further than I ever had before.

I started off the day Saturday with another attempt and my unofficial half marathon route around N Everett. This time armed with SuperFeet, my new insoles acquired last week at Super Jock n Jill. And hey! They worked great! 2 hours, 10 minutes, 2 gels and 1 bathroom stop later I had really tired legs. But also, I was really proud of myself; never ever thought I would be a runner. Looking forward to Eugene at this point. Also, my route is hilly, not TdM hilly, but it still mixes it up. I think I like that, it gives me an opportunity to change up my pace and use different muscle groups for a little while. Is the Eugene race completely flat, or does it have a few ups and downs at least?

Today I went for a ride. Originally I was hoping to get out with my buddy Mark, organizer of my upcoming trip to BC, and badly in need to getting some serious miles on his legs. But he cancelled. Also, I invited Mike S., after all the mapped route starts/ends at his house, but he cancelled too. Afraid of the rain was the reason given.

So I took off on my own, a little after 8am I think. From my house though, the route travels past my place too, no need driving if I'm doing this solo. Started off headed west, towards Mukilteo. Might as well get all the climbing and urban riding out of the way first, right?

Most notable feature of the whole ride: WIND. Strong 15-20kts from the SE the whole way and, what do you know, all the major hills were facing south today. Ugh, the first 25 miles were very slow going (GTL especially). Once past Seattle Hill Rd (where I almost got hit by a furniture truck, but don't worry, I yelled a pitiful, 'Hey, What?!' back at the driver) things sped up, I had the wind at my back, more or less, and was able to keep the pace up in the 19-21mph range all the way up to Arlington. I stopped for a short Luna Bar Picnic there. Yes, I know they're for chicks, yes, I know I'll prolly grow tits soon, but they're tastier than most Clif Bars. Today I had the Sunrise flavor, it was 'walk-on-the-beach-good' but not quite 'first-kiss-good." Then an about-face and back into the wind we went (Chugg and I, or a royal we?). I felt a few drops of rain though and was a long ways from home so I kicked it hard. I was able to keep a 17+mph pace all the way back to Snohomish, straight into the wind. After that, the rest of the ride was more or less north and west bound, so the wind was a help rather than a hindrance, and there was no more rain to be felt. I even hit about 27 on the flats leading up to hwy 2. Right here, at the end of the ride I saw the two most noteable features of the ride. First, at one of the farms on Ebey Island, in one of the cow pastures, there was a really cool variety of cow with big curvy horns. They looked kinda old-worldy. Probably pretty tasty too. Then, on the concrete bike path at the top of the hwy 2 trussel I saw a man sleeping. He was in a sleeping bag curled up against the concrete barrier separating the bike path from the automobile traffic. Okay, he's basically sleeping, on the freeway, two miles from anywhere at two in the afternoon. That's strange. But I didn't stop to ask questions. I was just hungry. My three gels, two bars, and two bottles of gatorade were depleted and my tummy was agrowl. But it was an excellent ride, I'm glad I didn't cancel on myself.

With my run yesteday, my ride today, and the Boundary Bay IPA and two Darn Tasty Manny's I tossed back last night, it was an emblematic BRS weekend. Tommorow: situps.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

'appy birthday!

As its a big day for Brian I took the liberty of contacting one of his boyhood idols (not Rico Suave) to see if he had any messages for him.

From wan flutist ter another, 'appy birthday! nigh go draink a guiness, smoke a pipe, an' if yer run into dat langer zamfir tell 'imself yer man canny 'ide forever.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Magnum Series Vote

2 items.

1) I really like Danny's idea of a before / after AB month picture. I'm proposing 1/2 a BRS point for this optional competition. Everyone participating in AB month can vote at the end of the month. Jay, Chris, Michael, please comment. Rizzer is on vacation in St. Louis, and will be abstaining from this vote.

2) Wolfgang is going to run the Fall City 10K, (her longest timed race other than the Kirkland Half) and plans to do it under 1 hr. Should she get a BRS solo point? I vote yes.

If Danny's idea passes, anyone competing in this side competition must take a picture by this weekend. Now off to Chicago for a vacation. Chris, I added 10 extra inclines and 50 more flutters this morning just for you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Before/After Ab Challenge pics?

I propose adding a point for most improved looking abs. We all take before and after pics and vote on most improved looking. That way diet will factor in as well as reps. Anyone?

Oodles of 0's

As we are already knee deep in Ab-Awareness month already I wanted to let everyone know about my theory of zero's. It will take at least 4 to win. That is all.

P.S. I would like to welcome View from the Sidelines to Ab-Awareness month. I think it was waking up in Whitney Houston's bathroom that scared her straight.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2nd - Day 2

So did I "Fool" anyone by impersonating Floyd Landis yesterday on April Fool's Day? Speaking of fooling around, theGuth's injury post was just that too. How do I know? We suffered through a D2D ride at lunch today. All 5 climbs, including St. Andrews. Nice try Michael, but now you're going to pay for "crying wolf" in the TdM for that false injury report. That is after we cream you at the Eugene Half...

Next topic. Wolfgang. Word on the street is that your running level is over and beyond the 10K race now. Just finishing will not get you a BRS point. You've got to have some time goal. I've seen you run, and I do agree that your skill level dictates an ambitious time goal. Besides, I'm a bit afraid you'll be tallying some precious BRS pts. I know your competitive nature!

Last topic. Welcome Kristina to AB Awareness Month! So far you are doing great. Keep it up. Finally, are Steena and I the only ones doing credible "other" reps? We've got Wolfgang chowing Captain Crunch, Chris hula hooping with the neighborhood pre-teens, TheGuth Sweating to the Oldies, and Danny is swiging Creme Sodas while attaching electric stimulators to his belly!!! C'mon now, let's have a little higher standard please.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tour de Mukilteo


I was surfing the internet, and I came across your website. Wow, pretty impressive! Well, I just wanted to see if you would allow a professional to compete in your Tour de Mukilteo. What really attracted me to your race is that there are lots of hills (I'm kinda good at them) and your liberal drug testing policies. I think this would be a perfect race for me to stage a comeback.
Just to show you that I'm legit, I'd also like to compete in this month's AB contest. It's not too late, because I noticed a woman named Amber just joined this morning. I also realize some people may not believe this is the real Floyd, so feel free to comment. I don't mind proving myself.

Lame. Literally.

First, in admin news, as you log your ab workouts, I think you need to click on the 'Publish' on the upper far right and republish for your numbers to reflect on the public version of the document on the blog.

Also, I'm totally bummed. I had my foot checked out again last night. The x-rays showed acute tarsal tunnel syndrome. Because they didn't catch it last time, and I've continued to run on it they're scheduling a surgery for me in May. I won't be competing in the Eugene Half, or likely the TdM.