Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One thousand six hundred and fifty meters. Sixty-six lengths. Thirty-three laps. One Mile.
That is my goal for the end of May. I have a plan. Six weeks ago when I started, 50 meters was as far as I could go without grabbing the side of the pool. This morning I did six laps without pause, it was a personal best. I don't feel like I could drown any more, I just get really really hungry mid lap.
Anyway, that is my personal challenge. I will be doing Millenium May, and will be shopping for pull up bars. But my goal is a mile, without pause. I'm putting it up here for a vote for a Magnum Series point. I'm going to do it regardless.
Thats word to my friend at the pool who started showing up ten minutes earlier when she thought View and I might possibly take her lane. I took a picture of her today.


  1. wow, I'm impressed. 50 meters is as far as I can go now. I get vertigo because I can only breathe out my left side. Its hard to type on the iPhone drunk

  2. You've got my vote for swimming one mile for an individual BRS point. Two suggestions. First, make sure to stay on the right side of the lane; it's impolite to the senior citizens who want to pass your ass. Second, if you can learn to swim without the arm floaties, you'll go even faster.

  3. The way I see is this is just one more person to save me when I'm drowning. Got my vote, good luck!

  4. Rizz, it was a couple weeks before I was really able to work out a rhythm where I could breathe on both sides. Now I'm reading about drills where you alternate the # of strokes between breaths (3, 5, 7, 9) and working on that is going to screw my rhythm up all over again. Should make kick turns easier though.
    Crash, I like the arm floaties, I figure the extra resistance is like running with one of those little parachutes attached. If you'll wear the parachute for the half marathon , I'll buy it for you...