Saturday, April 5, 2008

'appy birthday!

As its a big day for Brian I took the liberty of contacting one of his boyhood idols (not Rico Suave) to see if he had any messages for him.

From wan flutist ter another, 'appy birthday! nigh go draink a guiness, smoke a pipe, an' if yer run into dat langer zamfir tell 'imself yer man canny 'ide forever.


  1. Happy Birthday Crash
    I ran my 'haffy' this morning (2hrs, 10 mins!). I want to say thanks, if it weren't for you I woulda never pushed myself to attempting this (let alone considered riding another 80 miles tomorrow). All in the first week of ab-blast month too. I mean, What the heck, right?

  2. Growing up my hero was Jean-Pierre Rampal. Actually Galway was the first concert I ever attended, and I performed in a Children's production with him & the Chicago Symphony in high school. Also, attended his master class at Tanglewood in 8th grade. Boy, I USED to be pretty productive. Now, in all honesty, all I really envy about the guy is that he's Irish, drinks Guinness, and has a pot belly.