Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2nd - Day 2

So did I "Fool" anyone by impersonating Floyd Landis yesterday on April Fool's Day? Speaking of fooling around, theGuth's injury post was just that too. How do I know? We suffered through a D2D ride at lunch today. All 5 climbs, including St. Andrews. Nice try Michael, but now you're going to pay for "crying wolf" in the TdM for that false injury report. That is after we cream you at the Eugene Half...

Next topic. Wolfgang. Word on the street is that your running level is over and beyond the 10K race now. Just finishing will not get you a BRS point. You've got to have some time goal. I've seen you run, and I do agree that your skill level dictates an ambitious time goal. Besides, I'm a bit afraid you'll be tallying some precious BRS pts. I know your competitive nature!

Last topic. Welcome Kristina to AB Awareness Month! So far you are doing great. Keep it up. Finally, are Steena and I the only ones doing credible "other" reps? We've got Wolfgang chowing Captain Crunch, Chris hula hooping with the neighborhood pre-teens, TheGuth Sweating to the Oldies, and Danny is swiging Creme Sodas while attaching electric stimulators to his belly!!! C'mon now, let's have a little higher standard please.


  1. The hula hoop is wrapped in barbed wire sissy.

  2. Crash-I don't know which street you been hanging out on or who you've been talking to, but all I have to say is, "You don't know me!". The furthest I have ever run in a timed race is a 5 miler. Talk it over with your peeps and see if I can have this one and it will set a baseline time measurement for me. Ok, thanks!

  3. It sucks when the ab stim causes you to cough while sipping though. It isn't all roses.

  4. Bah, you outed me. And I should have known better to hide behind tarsal tunnel with an MD striving for magnum points. I did get new insoles though, so far, so goo.