Thursday, April 3, 2008

Before/After Ab Challenge pics?

I propose adding a point for most improved looking abs. We all take before and after pics and vote on most improved looking. That way diet will factor in as well as reps. Anyone?


  1. I LOVE IT! I think it should be optional, but you've definitely got my vote.

    (Danny, just between you and me, I went to college with Chris, and high school with Jay. Let's just say math was not either one of their strong subjects).

    One reason I set the formulas in the spreadsheet was because Chris has difficulty with simple addition. (I don't even want to get into long division). Jay's problem stems from lack of 'puter skills. Dude hits the ten-key pad with his fist. Ever hear of garbage in, garbage out? But mostly, deep down I've never really trusted the word of an Oregonian resident. Especially one from Eugene. Under the circumstances, unfortunately, I do think photographic evidence may be necessary...

  2. you went to college with me, but don't forget you were a music major, which roughly equates your academic accomplishments with those of the athletes. Though more like a really effeminate, unmarketable athlete, like maybe a synchronized swimmer, or a rhythmic gymnast. Then again, either of those could beat up 99% of the music school, so not really even like an effeminate athlete. More like the dudes from flock of seagulls, except they were at least rock stars, and in a fight with the dudes from the orchestra pit, outside of tuba guy, I'm probably betting on the flock there.
    So, to sum up, Crash at university was like Nuke from Bull Durham, except he couldn't throw a fast ball, had a drinking problem, and ate lots of mcnuggets.

  3. No fair, Danny. I can clearly see from your profile pic that none of us could come anywhere near the adonis physique you've put together. Congrats ahead of time.