Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crash's Vacation Update

Crash's Vacation Daily Routine:

0430: Reveille

0500 - 9.5 mile run. Highlight: Running in Forest Preserve prairie. Best deer to walker ratio. 9:9.

0630 - AM AB Workout

0700 - Starbucks run (yup Wolfgang, even here in IL). Highlight: Waiting for very slow service on my venti drip with Chicago Bulls BBaller legend, Tony Kukoc.

0800 - Breakfast - Poached eggs, bacon, potatoes, and OJ. Yes, I eat that EVERY day.

0900 - Morning Recreational Activity - Chess, tennis, or reading. Book: Omnivore's Dilemma. Very, very good read so far.

11:30 - Afternoon AB Workout

1200 - lunchtime (normally a burger).

1300 - Siesta (Chris that's one o'clock)

1400 - Afternoon Rec Activity or help out with housework.

1630 - Evening AB Workout

1700 - Cocktails

1730 - Chow

2000 - Lights out.

So why am I sharing my vacation schedule? If this is what life is like during retirement, sign me up right now! Only difference would be substituting AB Workout with another recreational activity, or possibly another siesta.



  1. Far too much Ab work to qualify as true vacation.

  2. If you can keep up thousand reps of any ab exercise every day (weekends off, obviously) until you retire I'll nominate you for an extra magnum point.

  3. only 1000 a day? I thought you were taking time off work to focus on ab exercises?

  4. Dont mean to nitpick Davis, but today is the 10th. Did you really do 1050 by 8:30am pst? or are we just posting our goals from here on out?
    I feel like Justin Timberlake when Britney approached him on the dance floor. It is on...

  5. Ditto @ Chris's last post. Crash, I think you had your 1050 reps for today posted last night even. What's the deal with that? I'll bet you can rattle off some impressive flutter kicks and all...but enough to go back in time?

  6. Yeah Guth, something is fishy. I remember the very first day of the contest I looked at the site later towards the evening and noticed that Crash had 225 reps in. So, I did 226 (apparently I am a little competitive, whatever!!), all of sudden his score for the first night changed to 235!!?? Things that make you go HHmmmmm....

  7. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hear ya. I didn't realize the last day of the week ended on a Monday. Besides, I didn't have much time to post. Computer access issues, and it coincided with my cocktail hour.