Sunday, April 13, 2008

The cure for alcoholism

I have discovered the cure for alcoholism. It is called "whooping cough".

So I lived with this nagging cough for over 3 weeks because I didn't feel sick (my criteria for "sick" is if it interferes with running), and in fact ran the St. Louis marathon last weekend with only mild hacking at gatorade stops. Then I developed chest pain from coughing so hard (do I get Ab points for coughing?), so I finally went to get some codeine cough syrup. Diagnosis? Pertussis, better known as whooping cough, or pneumonia. And I was further advised to stop abusing ranger candy (aka Advil), because it was making my blood pressure high (180/102). No Advil, no alcohol, OWW. At least I still have bacon.

I am now 3 days alcohol-free due to my meds, the longest alcohol-free period for me in recent memory. Suffered greatly on my attempted 15 miler with Brian this morning, but am still hopeful that I will be better by Saturday for the Salt Lake City marathon. We'll see if this cure sticks, maybe I'll actually publish a paper.

Crash, you must get over your anti-poser apparel philosophy. Technical gear helps performance, wearing cotton for 3+ hour workouts just to look cool is macho nonsense, just ask your bloody nipples.


  1. And the prize is Cirrohsis? I had whooping cough in college, can't imagine running a marathon with it. If you can keep track of your coughs, I think you should get credit for them. Easily the equivalent of a crunch.

  2. I think Susie should get an extra BRS solo point if her blood pressure breaks 200.

  3. so my pertussis test came back neg, must print a retraction. Still coughing though. Is codeine for marathons considered doping? Now I can go back to being alcoholic.