Monday, April 14, 2008

Hi, my name is Borat!

Gerald - Thanks for the great technical cycling suit.  Only wish it came in neon lime green, like the color of Borat's bikini...

Michael, Chris, & all other Tour de Mukilteo riders - Sorry I didn't take a picture of my back side.  I thought I'd let you study it the next few months.  It's all you'll see in the Tour...

AB Awareness folks - this will probably be my "before" pic.  Let's see how much improvement shows over the next two weeks, after 5,000 reps and a case of unsalted matzo crackers...

Jay - I am nominating you for a solo BRS point.  I understand you are taking an Israeli self-defense class called Krav Maga.  All you have to do is simply wrestle me at the Post Eugene Half Marathon party.  You just have to pin me for 3 seconds, but I get to wear this outfit...


  1. OMG I nearly choked on my bagel.

    There's something missing.... chest hair?
    You're right, should've gotten the neon.

    I think we should make it the new official uniform of the TDM. No shirts allowed. Winner is last to be arrested by Mukilteo police.

  2. A word to the wary: don't actually click on the picture. Trust me, you're better off.

  3. The South Korean Gymnastic Team looks a little old and fat for an Olympic year. What do you guys think?

  4. Whoah...give us some warning next time before we log onto the site..I'm just trying to log my ab numbers and now may have to call in sick tomorrow (kidding)!!Dang have some balls!!(to post that picture, I mean. Not talking about the picture itself per se, I didn't look that close).