Saturday, April 26, 2008

just checking in...

Greetings from Bellingham! I went out for walkies this morning and found a 'puter here in the hotel lobby. After a 110 miles yesterday we made it to B'ham, arrived around 4:30. The route wasn't too bad; knowing the area reasonably well I was able to take us off the recommended course quite a bit and avoid some of the high-traffic zero-shoulder areas. We got a room here at the Best Western, two doubles, and they wheeled in a little trundle bet that Mark was the last to say Not It to avoid winning.

But then around midnight Mark comes and crawls into bed with me, at first I thought he might be disoriented. But nope, he wanted to snuggle up. That little bed they gave him was AWFUL. He'd of had better luck napping on his bicycle. Oh well, what's a little occasional brush-of-the-hairy-leg among acquaintances?

Hitting the Bagelry down the block in a little bit, they on to a proper breakfast buffet in Linden. Then we hit the border into Kanuck Country. Weather is expected to be beautiful today, mid-upper 60's. Should be a nice ride.


  1. Wow! Hope you had a great ride. Do you think it would be better to split STP into 120-80 or do 100-100, now that you've got 200 miles under your belt? This is a well-deserved BRS point.

  2. I don't know if I agree with you Gerald when you say "Well-deserved". So far it sounds like theguth has done some good work, but let's see how well his "Party" in Vancouver went. I'm wondering whether he'll be able to sit down at work tomorrow?