Friday, April 4, 2008

Magnum Series Vote

2 items.

1) I really like Danny's idea of a before / after AB month picture. I'm proposing 1/2 a BRS point for this optional competition. Everyone participating in AB month can vote at the end of the month. Jay, Chris, Michael, please comment. Rizzer is on vacation in St. Louis, and will be abstaining from this vote.

2) Wolfgang is going to run the Fall City 10K, (her longest timed race other than the Kirkland Half) and plans to do it under 1 hr. Should she get a BRS solo point? I vote yes.

If Danny's idea passes, anyone competing in this side competition must take a picture by this weekend. Now off to Chicago for a vacation. Chris, I added 10 extra inclines and 50 more flutters this morning just for you.


  1. 2.) I vote "yes" for Wolfgang too. The girl is just tryin' to get paid!!(think of the Davis Challange points I am missing out on!)
    P.S. I hear there were two pre-vacation Crash sightings this morning!!

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  3. A point for Wolfgang is a point for all of us. Go team!

  4. 1) why not, but I don't like this .5 point biznez. Just make it another whole point why doncha?
    2) Under an hour, 10k? I don't think I can do it (yet), so yeah, that's worth a point.

  5. 1) Sure, why not (In spite of all the ab work, it is in fact hard to improve on the blessings god gave me, so I assume someone else will win the 1/2 point).
    2) I can't say no to Erin Andrews.

    Crash, I'm still first to 1,000. If that scares you to the point where you have to leave your job and move back in with Mommy and Daddy for emotional support while you try to catch up, so be it. I've been on that Friday Night Lights two-a-day schedule son.

    Have an Ab-Tastic weekend Y'all. Hoping this crappy weather keeps up for the twelve miles tomorrow.