Tuesday, April 22, 2008

May Challenge Proposal

Why not make May's Challenge, Blog Month?  Let's log our Biking-Running-Swiging.  Run 75 miles, Bike 250 miles, and Swig a 6-Pack of each participant's choosing.  No outright winner, but just one BRS point awarded for participation.  Don't make the numbers?  1/2 point.


  1. this BRS point tally is getting awfully complicated.
    75 miles running is doable in 1 week, but 250 biking miles? that would take 2 months. the drinking bit? an hour at most..... very unequal tasks. we've got to have SOME standards. how about 1 point for anyone who can bellyflop off the 3 m board at the Eugene pool?

  2. I guess I'm down with this. I'm in opposite mode of Suzie tho. 250 miles can be done in a weekend, but 75 on foot? Do I get to log my Eugene miles?

  3. 1 six pack? Weak sauce.
    I can do this if everyone wants, but I was thinking something more specialized in the Millenium may theme. Pick an event and do it in some multiple of 1,000. Crash - 1,000 bike miles, Rizzer 1,000,000 meters running, Guth - 2,000 calories of home cooking a day, Chris - 1,000 oz. of liquid refreshment (or 10,000 meters in the pool), etc. No winners and if its not hard core enough we can just do a 1/2 pt for participation?

  4. I like the ventoux guys idea. I don't think I get close to 75 miles in my two soccer games a week, and biking 250 miles on my 50 lb. 1980's mountain bike doesn't sound like fun. I could do with the 1,000 oz. though. Sizty two beers in a month would be challenging and would totally cancel out this months challenge as well.