Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Millenium May Framework

A closed door session of the security council took place earlier today (okay, really just time wasting email at work) and a framework for "MILLENIUM MAY" was agreed upon. We already have a quorum Rizz and Jay, so just like a Palm Beach county democrat, your vote does not count.

There will be a selection of challenges, all with some tie in the theme of thousands, from which each competitor will pick 3. The competitor will pick one challenge to perform all of, one challenge to perform half of, and a drinking challenge. Picking a drinking challenge will be mandatory. This will be done over the month of May and tracked on a spread sheet.

So far ideas we have for challenges:
100,000 meters running (approx 62 miles, though this distance is up for debate)
1,000 miles on a bike (I'd be amenable to reducing this number to 1,000 k if others like)
10,000 meters swimming
6 six packs (we'll officially track how many thousands of ounces - same for other drinking challenges)
6 bottles (boxes?) of wine
36 fingers of scotch? (though more than 3 in a sitting is wasting the good stuff)

Please debate these distances / quantities in comments. And suggest other possible events for the menu (for example 1,000 minutes of pilates if thats your thing, or 5,000 push ups if you've been getting sand kicked in your face at the mukilteo ferry terminal Crash, or a Krav Maga match for $1,000 dollars Jay).

Once we have all the suggestions and distances worked out we'll post the final menu of choices.
Anyone completing their choices in May gets a Magnum point. There are no losers - so no bonus points for this challenge. Though side betting should be encouraged.


  1. My suggestions:
    2,000 Push-ups
    1,000 Pull-ups or Chin-ups
    2,000K Bike

    3,000 ml wine (4 bottles)
    10,000 ml beer (28 beers)
    4 Bottles of Magnum Malt Liquor
    (In honor of the Magnum Series)

    Magnum 40 OZ

    (Scroll down, 5th beer reviewed)

  2. excuse me, 1 beer a day is SLIGHTLY easier to accomplish than 1000 friggin pullups. Why not raise the bar? And what happened to the eating portion of the challenge (anyone who can eat 20 white castles or Arbys at a sitting, automatic credit for those with fatty liver)