Wednesday, April 16, 2008

post pwned

This weekend's ride to BC has been delayed a weekend. After all, no one likes to ride in the snow. I can't believe that's actually a worry in late April, but this is just the winter that won't let go. Instead though, I think we're going to try to scope out the better of the two weekend days for another ride. Team WA, what do you think? We can do either the 60 or 80 mile route from my place. Mark K., you too, and we can even do a little more route recon.

Meanwhile, pray for sunnier skies next weekend.


  1. Chris - Congratulations! I believe you've got 2nd place in the Tour de Mukilteo totally locked! Of course I'll be first, but now after seeing Michael's level of commitment, you are a shoe-in for the Runner's Up BRS pts. Apparently Michael doesn't want to bike in sleet, snow, or even chilly temperatures. Frankly, I don't even know how I've trained with such a wimp for so long. So 2nd is yours - that is if Spiz doesn't snatch it from you. Sounds like he's actually RIDING up St. Andrews, but then again, you can carry Isabella pretty well on your shoulder...

    Susie - I'm also concerned whether Michael is a true "Cutter". During our last ride, he sure seemed preoccupied with his "broken" cleat. I think a true Cutter would simply have had someone tape their foot into the pedal until the end of the ride.

  2. Ran in the snow today, and rain, and sun. Spring in Oregon is jacked. 15 miles done, now I get to work until WEC wreckage later tonight (pay per view Mixed Martial Arts in a bar full of dudes with no neck is high comedy). I'll still try to find the time to put some more ab reps into yu Davis.