Thursday, May 29, 2008

June Bloom

Ladies & Gentleman, the end of Millennium May is almost here. Thank goodness! So what's up for the next monthly challenge? June Bloom that's what. Wanna be like Alyssa Milano and her pals? Don't want to be like this guy?

Then June Bloom is for you! Challenge: Eat 14 Vegetarian days, and eat at least 100 servings of fruits & vegetables. That's it. (serving is a whole fruit/veggie, prepared anyway you want. This is vegetarian, not Vegan, but no poultry or seafood. Yes to eggs). Please comment if you would like to participate with your favorite fruit or vegetable. Good Luck.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How do you LiveStrong?

Well, I hope by buying your way in. As some of you may know, and others may not, I've signed up to join Team Ben Bridge (you know, the diamond people) for the Portland LiveStrong challenge. I was recruited by a coworker's husband (and fellow Mukilteo hill-climbing nutcase) to join up. We're doing the 100 circuit, the one Lance rides, with a team of 7 or better so far. While I know I can ride a healthy century ride, I'm really looking forward to this to learn more about team dynamics, riding in a denser pack than I'm used to, and experiencing my first organized ride.

That said, I'm looking for two things from our wide readership base:
1) monies. a couple of you have already donated [thank you so much!], and I've already met my minimun quota (ignore the $0 goal, that was a mistake, it should have read at least $250), but anything you can give for this very worthwhile goal is appreciated.
2) a Magnum Point. I see that this event is already on the Magnum Series spreadsheet (I dint put it there tho), but I understand I still need a majority vote of trophy holders for the endorsement. But don't think you're getting nothing for something, I'm gonna be there on recon. I hear this Armstrong dude is pretty fast, we'll see how he does against the Snohomish County trained cyclists. If he's, um, a little too good mayhaps he'll see the spoke stick a la Team Cinzano.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Eugene Open 2008

Those who were there to witness it said it reminded them most of an epic hardcourt battle between Conners and MacEnroe. In the end, 'First Class' Jay and Chris from Ventoux were once again victorious and get to keep the trophy. 6-2, 0-6, 6-4, 6-2.
Tensions were running high after the match. Fortunately, Sammy the police dog was there to keep the order when a bout of rasslin' broke out.
The steak was good, the gnocchi was good, and the garlic bread was just okay (Thanks 'First Class').
Regardless of the final score, everyone who showed up was a winner. Mostly because of the most excellent t-shirts.
Thanks Gerald for inspiring us to step up our t-shirt game. An honorary tie-dye shirt is on its way to you via Crash. We hope everything went well in Idaho. Did you see any Nazis?
Honorary Guitar Hero award of the weekend goes to Weiss. Sorry I shot those hostages in Rainbow Six, but they were looking at me funny.
All in all, a great success.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Long Goodbye

Oh Harry's Pipe, how I almost smoked thee once.
While together for only an instant,
Cruelly abbreviated our relationship, severed really,
By a watery eyed Frenchman.
Mayhaps someday our paths will once again converge and
I’ll almost light thee again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Death Star is Fully Operational

I've been feeling kind of down about my goal of swimming a mile lately. I've been enjoying the swimming itself (good exercise, get to go with View, pools are fun, blah, blah). The day after I set myself the goal of swimming a mile without pause I think I did a personal best 400m set (1 mile = 1650m). I think I replicated that once in the last 3 weeks. I've been swimming a lot, but mostly in 100m sets, or if I'm feeling good 200m sets. I was starting to think the idea that you could build up to a mile in a month was BS and I needed to step way back.
After swimming Sat and Sun (and not feeling great either time) I took a rest day, and when I got in the water this am started going and felt great. Figured I'd push it and try to hit 500m, when I got there 800m didn't seem too outrageous, at least worth a try. By the time I got to 800 I knew I was in a zone and it might be a long time before I felt like this again. I figured I'd keep going until I need assistance to not drown.
I got out of the pool after 30 minutes and 1650 meters. The life guard started yelling at me about sandbagging him, but Fu&* that guy. It took 3 cups of coffee before I knew what was going on around me again anyway. Fun morning. In celebration, here is my favorite swimming and Tussin themed painting. I can't remember the Artist's name, but I know I found it on Gawker.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Struggling With the Swig Portion

Of all things, I am having problems with the "swig" portion of the contest. Even my little drinking buddy is not really into it! Any swig suggestions?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beat the Bridge, All for Alan

Thanks to Crash, the Guth, Wolfgang, and Kristina for supporting my nephew Alan in the 8k run today. Despite the hangover, it was a great race. I think we should all start gearing up for Portland. If I can do it anyone can. Attached is Hal Higdon's training manual- apologies for inability to transfer table format:

This is how I went from unable to run a single mile without stopping, to completing the Boston marathon, my first race. If I can do it, anyone can. Just don't skimp on the long runs. Go team BRS...

Does anyone have any training schedule advice for STP or tri's?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mt. St. Helens Trip

Chris from Ventoux & Crash & Gerald Rizzer during the snowy season on St. Helens.
View of the crater from the rim.

Mt. Rainier from the top of St. Helens.

So I previously posted on the Chalkboard, but here's a re-post:

It's been 5 years since Chris & I last climbed to the top of St. Helens.  A strenuous climb, but the view was definitely worth it.  The park allows only 100 permits a day, and all the good weekends in the Fall fill up quickly, so I'll need an early commitment for those seriously interested.  I'd like to purchase reservation permits within the next couple weeks.  Best weekends so far are Sept 20 & 21, and Oct 10 & 11.  Just comment if you are interested.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wolfgang Jones

According to the Kirkland Half Marathon website, it appears our buddy Wolfgang just ran a 1:58 Half Marathon!!! How? I can think of two reasons. Reason #1 - Technically, Crash was an outstanding coach / mentor. Reason # 2 - Emotionally, Crash was her Muse.

Great job Klokstad. (you beat me at Beat the Bridge and I'm going to sweep your leg next time we run together).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jorge's Beer Stein

Went to the mall today. I almost had to choke a Macy's jewelery salesman out. Really? That much ($700) for the bracelet? Maybe the fact that you are having an 80% off sale indicates your prices are a little ahead of market trends. I mean, I know president dumb ass and his posse of jack asses has spent the last 7 years doing everything possible to devalue the dollar and freak out reasonable people all over the world, but is the price of gold really that high? Maybe I better stock up on caned goods.
Anyway, instead of George's bracelet, Sampson (the Big Black Dog) would like to present Jorge's Beer Stein (I love you dad). From the country so smart they figured out the best recipe for beer centuries ago and made it a law. Unfortunately, they didn't stop at just the one purity law...

If you're lucky it will come with a mini keg of Bayern Pilsner. Otherwise you'll get Jorge's preference, a half rack of bud light.
Things Chris Likes: 15 year old scotch, Swimming in his own lane
Things Chris Probably Didn't Need: A taste for 15 year old scoth.
The pull up bar is installed. Crash, I see what you mean about the behind the head ones. My doorway is not wide enough.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Keeping

One week down and oddly I'm ahead of schedule on the drinking and a little behind on swimming and pushups. I'll have to pick up the slack this week. I got a little distracted running all those sub 8 minute miles last Sunday.
The pull up bar gets installed this weekend. Thanks Crash. I'll probably drink that bottle of wine while I do it. Also, View loves the Total Immersion theories. Good call.
Clear your calendars for 10/05/2008. If anyone feels like I sandbagged them on estimated time for the Eugene 1/2 marathon, this is your chance to get back at me. I'm not going to make any predictions on my time, but I've been getting some very intriguing emails from Russian pharmacies...
I approve of this streaming mix.
If you like basketball and racial semiotics this site is worth a look. And if you see Clay Bennett please throw your Starbucks at him for me.
Loved this photo. I think I stole it from here.

Monday, May 5, 2008


Thanks to our hosts in Eugene for making this picture-perfect race day a reality... scenic bike ride followed by hamburgers, hotdogs, beer, and scotch while struggling to remember the theme song to "Webster", then being cheered on by Cutters at mile 26 before fish tacos with habanero sauce. See you in Portland 10/5/08.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Good Luck to the Eugene Half Crew

Good luck guys! Take some pictures for the site. Can't wait to hear how Squirrelly Jay and Guth do.

RSVP Roundup

There are a few things seen/heard over the course of last weekend's RSVP ride that were not adequately reflected in the photos.

  • Robin taught me a lot about riding in a paceline. A lot more about leading one.
  • Mark still has some work to do in this area.
  • Vancouver, BC has a wierd late-nite single-slice pizza scene.
  • Russians make some good pizza.
  • The Three's Company theme song gets real old, real quick.
  • Quoting Higgin's, "Oh My GAWD, Magnum" never gets old.
  • Starbucks (& and coffee bars in general) open much later in Cananda.
  • We passed right through this mess without knowing it.
  • It's going to take a long to to get a flat-tire pizza party (none logged)
  • Hwy 9 does not "go right to Mt. Vernon"
  • The Northwest's rural areas are absolutely stunning to ride through on a sunny Saturday. I can't wait to get back out there.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

April - AB Awareness Month Recap

Great Job to ALL who participated in AB Awareness Month.  Now for the Final Results:

TheGuth and Jay 3,000 - Way to Max the Minimum!
Danny 3,072 - Apparently the Creme Soda regiment works!
Wolfgang 3,310 - Great showing.  You earned your first BRS point!!!
Steena 5,771 - Amazing job.  You too earned your first BRS point! Don't stop!
Crash 13,475 - So far the only photo submission.  1/2 BRS point in the bag.
Chris from Ventoux 20,000 - F.O.N. -freak of nature.  Actually, 2 well deserved BRS pts 4 U.