Thursday, May 1, 2008

April - AB Awareness Month Recap

Great Job to ALL who participated in AB Awareness Month.  Now for the Final Results:

TheGuth and Jay 3,000 - Way to Max the Minimum!
Danny 3,072 - Apparently the Creme Soda regiment works!
Wolfgang 3,310 - Great showing.  You earned your first BRS point!!!
Steena 5,771 - Amazing job.  You too earned your first BRS point! Don't stop!
Crash 13,475 - So far the only photo submission.  1/2 BRS point in the bag.
Chris from Ventoux 20,000 - F.O.N. -freak of nature.  Actually, 2 well deserved BRS pts 4 U.


  1. I would like to thank my parents, the Academy, and of course Calvin Klein's advertising team for fucking up the body images of millions of young American males and making them think you need a six pack to be a man. It would have worked on me too, but Marlboro taught me all I needed was a horse, a cowboy hat, and emphesema first.

  2. I have photos to submit but can't find the time to get them off the camera, I will work on it. Not sure there is much of a difference but oh well.