Monday, May 5, 2008


Thanks to our hosts in Eugene for making this picture-perfect race day a reality... scenic bike ride followed by hamburgers, hotdogs, beer, and scotch while struggling to remember the theme song to "Webster", then being cheered on by Cutters at mile 26 before fish tacos with habanero sauce. See you in Portland 10/5/08.


  1. Cutters - Great work on everyone's run. Jay / Michael - for first time 1/2 marathoners, you both did great. Susie - sorry about the pre-race chow & swig. Chris - great time. You can run 13.1 miles faster than it takes a Eugene restaurant to serve a party of six (hippie time)? Thanks View & Sammy for hosting us Washingtonians.

    My only concern over the weekend was Chris' bathroom. Did anyone else notice the discarded syringes, envelope from BALCO, and the bottle with the label THG? Do we need a formal investigation? That might set straight AB month, the Magnum Series points, and the Eugene Half time results.

  2. 1) The use of performance enhancing substances has never been banned, or even discouraged by the BRS community.
    2) ooo, sombody's bitter.

  3. Official results are up for anyone interested. Crash, if it makes you feel better I checked online and I beat my Vancouver half time by ten full minutes and I trained a lot for that one. I had no idea I could run a sub eight minute pace. Plus It still hurts to go up and down stairs. A lot.