Thursday, May 8, 2008

House Keeping

One week down and oddly I'm ahead of schedule on the drinking and a little behind on swimming and pushups. I'll have to pick up the slack this week. I got a little distracted running all those sub 8 minute miles last Sunday.
The pull up bar gets installed this weekend. Thanks Crash. I'll probably drink that bottle of wine while I do it. Also, View loves the Total Immersion theories. Good call.
Clear your calendars for 10/05/2008. If anyone feels like I sandbagged them on estimated time for the Eugene 1/2 marathon, this is your chance to get back at me. I'm not going to make any predictions on my time, but I've been getting some very intriguing emails from Russian pharmacies...
I approve of this streaming mix.
If you like basketball and racial semiotics this site is worth a look. And if you see Clay Bennett please throw your Starbucks at him for me.
Loved this photo. I think I stole it from here.


  1. Hey, it's not a matter of "sandbagging". Not wearing a watch is quite liberating, and I love running because I'm not afraid to admit that if I could, I'd do nothing but eat (drink), run, and sleep, it doesn't matter if 70 year olds are leaving me in the dust. I'm glad you've seen the light and realized the 1/2 is just a pale shadow of the full M. It is truly life-changing.

  2. No Gerald, C from V definitely sandbagged me...

    So the Portland Marathon is on, eh? Glad to hear it. That's my home course; ran a 3:45 there before. I also could really use some solo BRS pts, so "Bring It On"...

    Chris. Check out this program from the Marine Corps once you get your chin-up bar installed. I've used this program, and it really works! Armstrong PullUp Program
    Also, don't be discouraged if Jen can do more reps than you. Just stick with it...

    After the Eugene Half, I've had the post-race blues. Need to get going on Millennium May, but mostly I've got to start training again, or else I'll be hurting on my D2D biking rides with theGuth. Well, I completed both the wine & beer portion of MM's Swig events. At least that's something to write home about.

  3. Speaking of marines, anyone up for Marine Corps marathon? It's 3 weeks after Portland, I think, I hear it's great.

  4. Isn't the Marine Corp Marathon pretty hard to get a spot in? Or is it easier now that everyone is on extended deployment half way around the world?