Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How do you LiveStrong?

Well, I hope by buying your way in. As some of you may know, and others may not, I've signed up to join Team Ben Bridge (you know, the diamond people) for the Portland LiveStrong challenge. I was recruited by a coworker's husband (and fellow Mukilteo hill-climbing nutcase) to join up. We're doing the 100 circuit, the one Lance rides, with a team of 7 or better so far. While I know I can ride a healthy century ride, I'm really looking forward to this to learn more about team dynamics, riding in a denser pack than I'm used to, and experiencing my first organized ride.

That said, I'm looking for two things from our wide readership base:
1) monies. a couple of you have already donated [thank you so much!], and I've already met my minimun quota (ignore the $0 goal, that was a mistake, it should have read at least $250), but anything you can give for this very worthwhile goal is appreciated.
2) a Magnum Point. I see that this event is already on the Magnum Series spreadsheet (I dint put it there tho), but I understand I still need a majority vote of trophy holders for the endorsement. But don't think you're getting nothing for something, I'm gonna be there on recon. I hear this Armstrong dude is pretty fast, we'll see how he does against the Snohomish County trained cyclists. If he's, um, a little too good mayhaps he'll see the spoke stick a la Team Cinzano.


  1. Dunno Michael,one individual BRS point for a mere century ride? Hope you're training harder than that for the TdM. Since this is for a worthy cause, you get my vote. Hey, tell Lance to say HI to Ashley for me.

  2. Hello Crash, do you live in a cave??? Lance has so totally moved on to Kate now? Ashley was so totally 15 minutes ago. OMG ROFL, etc., etc.
    I'll vote yes, but don't bring your daughters (if you have any), especially if they are skinny. Lance is going through a young and Anorexic phase right now and doesn't need the temptation.