Saturday, May 10, 2008

Jorge's Beer Stein

Went to the mall today. I almost had to choke a Macy's jewelery salesman out. Really? That much ($700) for the bracelet? Maybe the fact that you are having an 80% off sale indicates your prices are a little ahead of market trends. I mean, I know president dumb ass and his posse of jack asses has spent the last 7 years doing everything possible to devalue the dollar and freak out reasonable people all over the world, but is the price of gold really that high? Maybe I better stock up on caned goods.
Anyway, instead of George's bracelet, Sampson (the Big Black Dog) would like to present Jorge's Beer Stein (I love you dad). From the country so smart they figured out the best recipe for beer centuries ago and made it a law. Unfortunately, they didn't stop at just the one purity law...

If you're lucky it will come with a mini keg of Bayern Pilsner. Otherwise you'll get Jorge's preference, a half rack of bud light.
Things Chris Likes: 15 year old scotch, Swimming in his own lane
Things Chris Probably Didn't Need: A taste for 15 year old scoth.
The pull up bar is installed. Crash, I see what you mean about the behind the head ones. My doorway is not wide enough.


  1. I'm glad to see Jorge's Beer Stein under top notch physical security...

    Right now my thoughts & prayers are with Wolfgang Jones and her Kirkland Half Marathon. It's been raining all morning long. I've run in some tough conditions with WJ before, so I know she'll persevere, but still it ain't that much fun...

    Help! Anyone have a cure for the Post Race Blues? Ever since the Eugene Half, I've been swiging non-stop. At this rate, I'll be able to complete everyone's Swig requirements for MM.

  2. Good luck Wolfgang.
    Go to the pool. A change in milleu can do wonders. Or maybe bike shopping?
    We just had a little sun break here and I went out for a ride. Only an hour but all hills. I don't particularly enjoy descending on roads in strong side winds.

  3. Much prefer the beer stein, particularly if accompanied by microbrew. I also need a taste for 15 year old scotch like I need a 3rd gut.

    Crash, have you considered a day at the Spa? Pedicure?