Thursday, May 29, 2008

June Bloom

Ladies & Gentleman, the end of Millennium May is almost here. Thank goodness! So what's up for the next monthly challenge? June Bloom that's what. Wanna be like Alyssa Milano and her pals? Don't want to be like this guy?

Then June Bloom is for you! Challenge: Eat 14 Vegetarian days, and eat at least 100 servings of fruits & vegetables. That's it. (serving is a whole fruit/veggie, prepared anyway you want. This is vegetarian, not Vegan, but no poultry or seafood. Yes to eggs). Please comment if you would like to participate with your favorite fruit or vegetable. Good Luck.


  1. We're not even meeting our government's high standards for nutrition here. FDA says we should eat 4-5 serving a day, let's make the challenge 150 by month's end.

    Also, I like to use as a resource. It's got lots of great information about the food we eat, or maybe should be eating.

    Bonus for Firefox users, they have a readymade searchbar plugin, you can find it under the tools menu.

  2. Sign us up (view too). 150 is fine with me. That site didn't have Hugh Jackman listed anywhere though...

  3. I'm in... and agree that the number of monthly servings should require us to eat at least 4 a day. I think 5 is the standard guideline.

    Rousseau and Einstein? How cool is that?!?

  4. I was pretty excited to see Billy Martin - Then I saw the words "Good Charlotte" instead of "The Yankees" or "The A's".
    Should have been you Good Charlotte's Billy Martin!
    -Drunk Driving

  5. prolly inappropriate on this particular comment string, but I found this link earlier. something to think about for next year's DC? Or buy now for DC 2015!

  6. I'm a little late, but I'm down for some fruits and veggies, yo. Asparagus FTW!