Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mt. St. Helens Trip

Chris from Ventoux & Crash & Gerald Rizzer during the snowy season on St. Helens.
View of the crater from the rim.

Mt. Rainier from the top of St. Helens.

So I previously posted on the Chalkboard, but here's a re-post:

It's been 5 years since Chris & I last climbed to the top of St. Helens.  A strenuous climb, but the view was definitely worth it.  The park allows only 100 permits a day, and all the good weekends in the Fall fill up quickly, so I'll need an early commitment for those seriously interested.  I'd like to purchase reservation permits within the next couple weeks.  Best weekends so far are Sept 20 & 21, and Oct 10 & 11.  Just comment if you are interested.


  1. Count me in. Sept is OK, I have to check on Oct. The weather should be better so we don't have to retire early to the "Poser Cafe"

  2. I checked my on call schedule, and I can get someone to cover Happy Hour for me on Oct 10th (Thank God!). Those Stellas don't drink themselves you know.