Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This Death Star is Fully Operational

I've been feeling kind of down about my goal of swimming a mile lately. I've been enjoying the swimming itself (good exercise, get to go with View, pools are fun, blah, blah). The day after I set myself the goal of swimming a mile without pause I think I did a personal best 400m set (1 mile = 1650m). I think I replicated that once in the last 3 weeks. I've been swimming a lot, but mostly in 100m sets, or if I'm feeling good 200m sets. I was starting to think the idea that you could build up to a mile in a month was BS and I needed to step way back.
After swimming Sat and Sun (and not feeling great either time) I took a rest day, and when I got in the water this am started going and felt great. Figured I'd push it and try to hit 500m, when I got there 800m didn't seem too outrageous, at least worth a try. By the time I got to 800 I knew I was in a zone and it might be a long time before I felt like this again. I figured I'd keep going until I need assistance to not drown.
I got out of the pool after 30 minutes and 1650 meters. The life guard started yelling at me about sandbagging him, but Fu&* that guy. It took 3 cups of coffee before I knew what was going on around me again anyway. Fun morning. In celebration, here is my favorite swimming and Tussin themed painting. I can't remember the Artist's name, but I know I found it on Gawker.


  1. Great job Chris! You've come a long way in a short time in the pool. So now that you've experienced all three triathlon events, can you appreciate how INSANE the Ironman is? After you finished your swim, you'd have to do another 1.4 miles, (congrats, you swam in pool, open water is a bit tougher) then get on Isabella for 112 miles, and then finish with a marathon. I still can't wrap my mind around that event.

    Anyways, a well-deserved BRS point for you, which officially gives you Harry's Pipe! Warning though. I'm coming to take the Eugene Open trophy back to Mukilteo this weekend!!!

  2. mark my words, future iron man. dang, your post puts the tri in perspective for me. I think I might have to give participants the option of substituting a swig for every 100 yards of swim. The swig would be easier....

  3. Excellent work! I'm impressed, I think the only way I could propel myself through water for a mile would be downward.

    You'll have the pipe this weekend, and it looks like you're guaranteed to hold on to it too. Despite Crash's best efforts.

  4. Thanks everyone. I can't even comprehend 2.4 in the ocean with a few thousand people surrounding me. Let alone what comes after

  5. Ok everyone, enough already. It's not like Chris swam the freakin' English Channel. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure 1 mile is that tough to do. Guess I'll find out next month, when I start training in the pool, but until then, no more sycophancy for CfromV please!