Monday, May 12, 2008

Wolfgang Jones

According to the Kirkland Half Marathon website, it appears our buddy Wolfgang just ran a 1:58 Half Marathon!!! How? I can think of two reasons. Reason #1 - Technically, Crash was an outstanding coach / mentor. Reason # 2 - Emotionally, Crash was her Muse.

Great job Klokstad. (you beat me at Beat the Bridge and I'm going to sweep your leg next time we run together).


  1. Yeah, Crash I think all of your advice really helped. Especially when you mentioned how other certain contributors like to follow good ba donka donks when they got tired. Unfortunately, I just had a group of ladies running beside me...but I still just picked the best one out of the group to follow. Also, I asked my husband to to download some songs for the race. I don't know if he knew he was getting the explicit versions of a few Jay-Z songs. Let's just say it is good I don't sing when I run. People would wonder what the Turrets girls was doing in the race (F'bomb, SH*&t, F'em!). Can't wait to try a flat course. This mo'fo was hilly. All the Mukilteo hill training helped!!

  2. Awesome job! All those training runs through the Death Zone must have paid off!

  3. Hey Wolgang, hey Gerald. When you guys talk about "Death Zones" you're talking about running the last leg of Harbout Pointe Blvd, right? Not running with me of course.