Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journal July

June Bloom is coming to an end (Thank God)!  So what's up for July's Challenge? Remember when you were in school and you had to write an essay about your summer vacation? Well welcome to Journal July.

The Challenge.  Pick an activity from your past, or an activity completely new and log 10 hours.  Anything goes, but it should not be something you currently do. For example, Gerald could not pick running and Ventoux could not pick tap dancing.  TheGuth could not pick cooking or biking and no way could Danny log soccer. Ventoux might want to re-live his boyhood ballet lessons and View could play the cello, but she could not log writing a dissertation.  Matt could not river raft, Spiz could not haiku, Amber could not yoga, Miranda could not do changing diapers, and Crash could not do boozing.  First Class could log "working an actual job" (in fact I think that should also count towards a BRS solo point) and both Steena and Wolfgang could not do running, and Wolfgang definitely couldn't listen to horrible electronica (borderline porno music), but she might be interested in doing painting.  I hope these examples are helpful.

After you log ten hours of activity, then all you have to do is post your essay on the Blog.  The following four conditions must be met: 1) Essay must be at least 50 words  2) An image must be included (but doesn't have to be a photo) 3) Essay must start out with "During my summer vacation" 4) Describe your experience.   

All participants will be able to vote on the best essay.  The winner will receive an extra BRS point and an A+ e-mail in red ink from Crash.  So start brainstorming your activity and you can either comment or list your activity in the spreadsheet once TheGuth sends out the invite.  

Good Luck!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crash, your prayers are answered

It's vegetarian, it's kosher, it makes everything taste like bacon, and it's waiting for you at QFC.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The pot used to runneth over

Chris' Pot will be sorely missed as I pass it along to one of my fellow competitors. We made some nice bread in the pot and it was like a member of the family already. Giving us a nice crunchy crust and beautiful, soft, airy bread on the inside and asking for so little in return. I can only hope the next holder will feel so attached to this humble pot.

My love for this pot and the recent handing out of points for dogpaddling around in a pool and riding a two wheeled apparatus up and down the street led me to think of something manly for points. I think I should get at least one point, maybe two, for not trimming my beard for an entire month, maybe two. Considering I am starting with a beard this will lead to risks such as being followed around by Metro bus police and being handed cardboard to spend the night on, not to mention the ire of the wife for numerous reasons. Of course, I might also get some spare change from considerate citizens or someone asking for advice on where to find Moby Dick.

Aww yeah.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gut Check

Just wanted to take a moment see how everyone is doing this month. Well, I hope. Oh, and I wanted to share a few pictures I took recently.

Here's some baby backs, they're only midway through the 3 hours they spent over the smokey coals.

Baby back money shot!

We skewered some chicken after it marinated in teriyaki all day. Sticky sesame garlic flavor through and through.

What's this? How did this photo get in here?

We also skewered some prawns and sea scallops with a lime/garlic/sake marinade.

The beef ribs were tasty too, they spent most of the day in a warm oven then just the last few minutes over the hot coals to establish a nice bark.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Peaking too early? probably.

I wasn’t going to claim this weekend for a personal BRS point. I’m proud to be able to ride a strong century, but I wasn’t going into this thing with the notion that I would challenging myself enough to want to stake another claim in the Magnum Series. But now some framing events have changed my mind and I want the point.

On Friday, the day before Flying Wheels I set out to strech my legs for a mellow ride. But as I set out got a little itch and decided to really push it up Harbour Heights Pkwy. This is the stretch of road I’ve ridden far more times than any other road, even more than the one I live on. I know it well, and I know exactly what every second that elapses is worth and what is possible, and what is not. At least I thought I did. Crash and I have long argued about a particular finish time for this stretch; he maintained that with work it could be attained. I argued otherwise, didn’t think it was possible. Then I shattered it. By a lot.

Then on Saturday I rode 100 miles in 6 hours.

Then on Sunday I ate four beef ribs, four baby backs, a skewer of sea scallops, a skewer of prawns, a skewer of teriyaki chicken, some bacon, and that was just the meat.

Then today, just now, I rode the ol’ D2D1 ride (you can find the route linked back on RideToSuffering) and shattered the other benchmark that Crash and I argue about. This one I figured was possible, but would still be very difficult. I certainly didn’t expect to beat it by more than 2 mins and my old PR by 5.

My legs hurt. Worth a point?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ass-sauce and Chamois Butt'r

That is what Army Dude called Assos chamois creme. It seems to work, smells better than Chamois Butt'r, but dang I can't get used to the cold wet feeling on my butt. I hear microwaving the chamois butt'r helps. I thought it was only for chafage, but I think it also softens the ride. Will see if the soft slotted saddle is any better next ride.

Guth, I too tried to access and it is just as your email states... someone was thinking of that....

Friday, June 13, 2008

july or august competition

Alright... after talking to people and remembering a classic Seinfeld episode... I was wondering how everyone felt about a month competition where the competitors had to refrain from sex or anything that feels like sex... is that worse than not being able to eat meat?

Crash's First Day as a Vegetarian

So I survived my very first day as a vegetarian. I know many people have worries about going vegetarian when it comes to nutritional deficiencies like iron & protein. I have another concern. A very grave concern...

Last night I found myself watching the Lifetime channel instead of the NBA Finals. I also found myself using my wife's moisturizer, peel, and toner for the first time (and I don't even know what toner is)! To top it off, this morning I woke up and felt like doing yoga instead of my usual pull-up routine.

Is this normal for vegetarians? Chris from Ventoux, TheGuth, and First Class, is this why you "guys" are excelling at June Bloom?

I will finish with a haiku (already posted at Spiz's

you say "tomato"

and I say "salmonella"

I love vegetables

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

raising money to research how to spread the word about these great wristbands

When I signed up for LiveStrong I got some stickers, postcards, magnets and a couple of the wristbands. Just the usual kind of fundraising kit stuff that comes with something like this. Then today, Lance decided I needed FIFTY MORE WRISTBANDS. I have thirty adult, twenty youth. Let me know if you want one, or have any creative ideas for what to do with all these...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am Specialized On The Blow.

I cherish the little personalized congratulatory message on my desk from TOURnadoTom. I'm glad he's noticed the hard work I've put in and can climb the local hills like he only wishes he could. Oh wait, he's got white shit on his nose. Time to rethink rooting for everyone's favorite Belge.

'Course, if he can continue to win stage races like he has been... And on such an unlikely performance enhancer as the coke is made out to be... maybe this guy is just establishing a handicap to give the other poor chaps a chance.

Nevermind, this poster stays put.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Extra Credit

To be frank,

This monthly challenge absolutely stinks.  How in the world can any of you seriously not eat meat for 14 days?!?!  Well, I've been tasked to inform you all of this month's bonus points.  The person(s) who eat the most days vegetarian will receive an extra 1/2 BRS point.  Also, the person(s) who eat the most variety of fruits and vegetables will also receive an extra 1/2 BRS point.  I will conclude my post with a haiku from the heart:

who in their right mind
would consume only flora
bacon is my friend

Monday, June 2, 2008

Vote Please

Please support FirstClass and Crash's attempt at their first individual BRS points.  FirstClass will attempt to stop smoking for 30 days.  Crash will attempt to swim a mile non-stop.  I'm not sure why FirstClass is attempting this, but good for him.  For the record, Crash is attempting this because (1) Chris from Ventoux did it (2) I've always enjoyed watching Baywatch.  (This outta be the easiest point ever).