Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ass-sauce and Chamois Butt'r

That is what Army Dude called Assos chamois creme. It seems to work, smells better than Chamois Butt'r, but dang I can't get used to the cold wet feeling on my butt. I hear microwaving the chamois butt'r helps. I thought it was only for chafage, but I think it also softens the ride. Will see if the soft slotted saddle is any better next ride.

Guth, I too tried to access and it is just as your email states... someone was thinking of that....

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  1. re: - Maybe we should approach teamestrogendotcom about buying the url. since they're obviously putting it to no use, it would be a nice alias for our humble little site though....

    re: ass-sauce, i just use good ol' vermont bag balm. does the trick real nice. I don't like the cold ass either though-i just apply it liberally to the 'high traffic areas' and do okay.