Friday, June 13, 2008

Crash's First Day as a Vegetarian

So I survived my very first day as a vegetarian. I know many people have worries about going vegetarian when it comes to nutritional deficiencies like iron & protein. I have another concern. A very grave concern...

Last night I found myself watching the Lifetime channel instead of the NBA Finals. I also found myself using my wife's moisturizer, peel, and toner for the first time (and I don't even know what toner is)! To top it off, this morning I woke up and felt like doing yoga instead of my usual pull-up routine.

Is this normal for vegetarians? Chris from Ventoux, TheGuth, and First Class, is this why you "guys" are excelling at June Bloom?

I will finish with a haiku (already posted at Spiz's

you say "tomato"

and I say "salmonella"

I love vegetables


  1. Taking the day off. Just ate 5 slices of bacon. I will be finishing the pack today. And eating a burger, and going to Sushi. My definition of underwhelming = the tofu taco's at the Mexican restaurant I usually enjoy. Pork>Tofu.

  2. my goal for tomorrow: log zero servings of flora. bbq over at my dads house and so far the menu is beef spare ribs, pork baby backs, sausage my brother is getting from his butcher friend, chicken skewers and a platter of grilled shrimp. that's all the food groups i really need no?