Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I am Specialized On The Blow.

I cherish the little personalized congratulatory message on my desk from TOURnadoTom. I'm glad he's noticed the hard work I've put in and can climb the local hills like he only wishes he could. Oh wait, he's got white shit on his nose. Time to rethink rooting for everyone's favorite Belge.

'Course, if he can continue to win stage races like he has been... And on such an unlikely performance enhancer as the coke is made out to be... maybe this guy is just establishing a handicap to give the other poor chaps a chance.

Nevermind, this poster stays put.


  1. Boonen was framed
    Martina Hingis

  2. Coke is a recreational drug. Not an enhancing one. Therefore, shouldn't Boonen be given a head start?

  3. Run with real brothers that will cut your throat. And they don't drink Pepsi, they just sell COKE...