Thursday, June 26, 2008

Journal July

June Bloom is coming to an end (Thank God)!  So what's up for July's Challenge? Remember when you were in school and you had to write an essay about your summer vacation? Well welcome to Journal July.

The Challenge.  Pick an activity from your past, or an activity completely new and log 10 hours.  Anything goes, but it should not be something you currently do. For example, Gerald could not pick running and Ventoux could not pick tap dancing.  TheGuth could not pick cooking or biking and no way could Danny log soccer. Ventoux might want to re-live his boyhood ballet lessons and View could play the cello, but she could not log writing a dissertation.  Matt could not river raft, Spiz could not haiku, Amber could not yoga, Miranda could not do changing diapers, and Crash could not do boozing.  First Class could log "working an actual job" (in fact I think that should also count towards a BRS solo point) and both Steena and Wolfgang could not do running, and Wolfgang definitely couldn't listen to horrible electronica (borderline porno music), but she might be interested in doing painting.  I hope these examples are helpful.

After you log ten hours of activity, then all you have to do is post your essay on the Blog.  The following four conditions must be met: 1) Essay must be at least 50 words  2) An image must be included (but doesn't have to be a photo) 3) Essay must start out with "During my summer vacation" 4) Describe your experience.   

All participants will be able to vote on the best essay.  The winner will receive an extra BRS point and an A+ e-mail in red ink from Crash.  So start brainstorming your activity and you can either comment or list your activity in the spreadsheet once TheGuth sends out the invite.  

Good Luck!


  1. I think its been long enough since you won an event (the past) that you could use that as your summer activity, but maybe we need to vote on that?
    I just need to decide between knife fighting (past) and insurgency (future). It depends which color of Mountain Dew I can get on sale.

  2. Sweet, I can't wait to don my high school letterman's jacket and head to the mall. Any other Class of 94's wish to join me? We'll be way better off in a pack.