Monday, June 16, 2008

Peaking too early? probably.

I wasn’t going to claim this weekend for a personal BRS point. I’m proud to be able to ride a strong century, but I wasn’t going into this thing with the notion that I would challenging myself enough to want to stake another claim in the Magnum Series. But now some framing events have changed my mind and I want the point.

On Friday, the day before Flying Wheels I set out to strech my legs for a mellow ride. But as I set out got a little itch and decided to really push it up Harbour Heights Pkwy. This is the stretch of road I’ve ridden far more times than any other road, even more than the one I live on. I know it well, and I know exactly what every second that elapses is worth and what is possible, and what is not. At least I thought I did. Crash and I have long argued about a particular finish time for this stretch; he maintained that with work it could be attained. I argued otherwise, didn’t think it was possible. Then I shattered it. By a lot.

Then on Saturday I rode 100 miles in 6 hours.

Then on Sunday I ate four beef ribs, four baby backs, a skewer of sea scallops, a skewer of prawns, a skewer of teriyaki chicken, some bacon, and that was just the meat.

Then today, just now, I rode the ol’ D2D1 ride (you can find the route linked back on RideToSuffering) and shattered the other benchmark that Crash and I argue about. This one I figured was possible, but would still be very difficult. I certainly didn’t expect to beat it by more than 2 mins and my old PR by 5.

My legs hurt. Worth a point?


  1. Shattering the D2D Route under 35 minutes is definitely worth a BRS point, BUT... 1) It must be done taking a left turn in Wind & Tide and 2) a BRS point can not be issued AFTER an event, only before. Crash's vote = no point. Ride it with Chateau Chapeau under 35 min, and then you've got my vote.

  2. Um wow, really? I'm not going to dispute the vote, but to recap your points:
    1) whatever.
    2) susie did. times three.

    And if I can rerun D2D1 in under 35 mins, with a left turn instead of a right (taking Clearview instead of Marine View) do I also have to repeat my time up Harbour Heights, then ride another 100 miles too? Steering Committee is making some strange moves lately.

    Also, looking at the elevation profile for Livestrong against Flying Wheels, the upcoming event has only one major climb compared to the constant rolling of last weekend. But that one climb is nearly 4x the elevation gain of anything I saw on Flying Wheels. Saweet.

  3. You do not have to repeat harbour heights or the century. You do have to do the ride on a dual suspension wall mart bike with a trailer full of recyclables and your ascending sign must be in Saturn.
    I'll give you the vote for last weekend, but I'm a pushover.
    Alternately you guys can rassle for the point. Chamois cream must be involved.
    And for the sake of argument:
    1)Whatever whatever
    2)Susie was going to run a marathon every weekend regardless, so she could have just waited 3 weeks for the points I guess. Whatever.

  4. dang! Rode by Marymoor Sat and nearly convinced Lily to sign up for Flying Wheels! No subway this time (went too early) but at least I didn't get mugged by stoners this time.