Monday, June 23, 2008

The pot used to runneth over

Chris' Pot will be sorely missed as I pass it along to one of my fellow competitors. We made some nice bread in the pot and it was like a member of the family already. Giving us a nice crunchy crust and beautiful, soft, airy bread on the inside and asking for so little in return. I can only hope the next holder will feel so attached to this humble pot.

My love for this pot and the recent handing out of points for dogpaddling around in a pool and riding a two wheeled apparatus up and down the street led me to think of something manly for points. I think I should get at least one point, maybe two, for not trimming my beard for an entire month, maybe two. Considering I am starting with a beard this will lead to risks such as being followed around by Metro bus police and being handed cardboard to spend the night on, not to mention the ire of the wife for numerous reasons. Of course, I might also get some spare change from considerate citizens or someone asking for advice on where to find Moby Dick.

Aww yeah.


  1. Baking bread? Chris' Pot will be going to Crash, and I already plan to wear it around the neighborhood on my head. Judging by the picture, I think the handle will make a perfect chin strap.

  2. On your head? I don't envy the headache you will have when you awaken. Until then, sleep well and dream of large women.

  3. I can certainly appreciate the hard work you've put in for that. You absolutely have my vote.