Wednesday, July 30, 2008


During my summer vacation I almost learned to swim. I'm really close. In fact, I guess it's how you define 'swimming.' Can I do a front crawl? Sure. Can I swim a length? About halfway. Can I come up for a breath when I need to? mmm. no.

But I'm getting there!

My inability to swim is something I've been a little ashamed of for a long time, and didn't really think I could fix. As it turns out, I was right in that swimming is really hard. Certainly if you don't grow up doing it. I think it's a bit like learning a new language. Kids take to it, adults have to struggle all the way.

But I'm getting there. I've shown up to free swim twice a week all month and put myself in the hands of a good friend, loganavatar. It turns out he used to teach the adult swim class at the pool near our houses. handy guy to have on hand. and he's been incredibly helpful, he's slowly (and patiently) helping improve form and technique, bit by bit.

Best of all, I'm not quitting. I going to keep on this, and I'll be ready for the CDT for sure. I might bring a snorkel, but I'll be there nonetheless.

Good July challenge, keep em coming!

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  1. Great job on taking on a tough challenge Guth. I only hope you had the fashion sense to coordinate your arm floaties with your swimming trunks like junior did in the pic. Oh, and next time, since you didn't take a picture, couldn't you at least use an image from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue? Swig, I mean SWIM on!